Makabert fynd "Ondskans natur lp (2010) sweden"

Here's some new Swedish hardcore. You might recall their 7" from a while back. Fast paced thrashing hardcore that rides the line in between the ultra fast like Rajoitus and the more mid paced D beat bands. Energetic and raw Swedish hardcore, on Yellow Dog Records.


Arson Anthem "Insecurity Notoriety"

Hardcore / Punk / Thrash


unholy thoughts - demo 2010

Southern Rock / Punk / Canción popular melodramática


Think twice " National Sacrifice Zone ep"

Punk / Hardcore


Counterblast " Faceless"

Género: Down-tempo / Metal / Punk



Sweet Cobra - Mercy

PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. The Chicago noise rockers have a sound that rides the line between filthy sludge-rock and anthemic hardcore with d-beats, metallic undertones and pseudo-psychedelic guitars, drawing influence from a wide variety of bands like ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, TORCHE and even MURDER CITY DEVILS.


SAINT VITUS "thirsty and miserable"

DOOM-METAL/ROCK. Allegedly the 1st release from the seminal doom merchants with Wino on vocals. This 3 track MLP from Wino and Co. saw SAINT VITUS playing more slow and low tunes thick with BLACK SABBATH riffs and one ode to serious drinking by the way of a BLACK FLAG cover song.



EXPERIMENTAL-ROCK. After few below the average solo albums in line, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez returned with great one again. Previous duet with John Frusciante release was extremely raw, and could be counted as rehearsal recording only. From the very 1st sounds you will understand what this album is all about - deeply psychedelic guitar jamming with plenty of synth and electronic effects. But differently from many similar O.R.L. - there is spacey atmospheric sound, excellent guitar works, complex rhythmic structures, many jazz fusion elements. And almost no chaotic cacophony at all! It could attract many of the former MARS VOLTA fans.


War Animal - Into Gore We Ride

WARANIMAL is Maine's first band. Finally now that we have electricity we decided to start shredding on the gnar axe. Comprised of former members of Eld/Gift of tongues, Backstabbers inc, and Reunion, WARANIMAL formed in the hyborean age and is now ready to party with you.


Ghastly City Sleep - Moondrifts

POST-ROCK. "moondrifts" is the 1st full-length from this Brooklyn, NY band and features 2 LPs worth of synth and guitar-driven layered sounds influenced by SIGUR ROS and RADIOHEAD. The amount of refinement honed by the collective members over the many years of crafting records and crashing on floors, both apart and collectively, shines like a great beacon across the saturated seas of newer and more derivative bands going for what GHASTLY CITY SLEEP truly delivers to listeners. From the chilling opener all the way through to the stirring conclusion, "moondrifts" is an entire album of unclassifiable music that pushes everything forward whilst simultaneously feeling like an old friend. Played by ex-members of bands like DARKEST HOUR, PG.99, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, and MAJORITY RULE.


The Corin Tucker Band - 1000 Years

INDIE-ROCK. The new record began with the same surprise turn that started CORIN TUCKER's career back in 1991, ended SLEATER KINNEY's 11-year year run in 2006 and inspired the punk-feminist rocker to redefine herself as a stay-at-home mom. "1000 years" deliver wrenching rhythms and hard-angle melodies, the slashing guitar and the wildly passionate vocals of Corin. The hard edges come nestled in lush weaves of acoustic guitars, keyboards,interlocking percussion, even cellos and violins, which places "1000 Years" deep into Tucker's creative headwaters - another addition to her 20-year catalogue of restless songs for restless spirits.



Agosto Espías- Demo

Featuring members of Time For Change, Seven Generations, Restrained, and Abandon, Agosto Espias bring their debut 7", which mixes the '90s emo hardcore of Ebullition bands with the rougher edges of crossover metal.


khuda" Palingenesia"

POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. KHUDA are an instrumental two-piece from Leeds, UK. They have been making noise together since 2007 and have progressed their sound greatly since then into a multi-amped mix of dark progressions and peaks. From ringing guitars to thudding mach waves, from buried melodies to lurching power drones, KHUDA will satisfy with sounds both strange and familiar. "palingenesia" is their newest effort and features 6 tracks with a total playin time of nearly 40min..


Grids " White Walls "

NOISE/POST-PUNK. GRIDS, from North Carolina, play ultra-distorted, grimy, feedback-drenched noise-punk with crushing repetitive precision. This LP delivers their heaviest and most damaged material to date. Comparisons could be drawn to bands like CHERUBS, PISSED JEANS, MANNEQUIN or even a punker,


EXTRAIDO DE http://icoulddietomorrow.blogspot.com

FUCKED UP " Year of the Ox"

POST-HARDCORE/PUNK. Recorded over 6 months by Jon Drew in Toronto, "year of the ox" is the band's 4th record in the continuing 12 year cycle and adds to its evolving retinue of guest musicians. The patient and building "year of the ox" features Nika Rosa Danilova of ZOLA JESUS for a guest vocal passage, and Toronto's string quartet, NEW STRINGS OLD PUPPETS. The b-side, "solomon's song", a gothic vampire love tribute to "twilight", features a 5min. saxophone solo from Aerin Fogel of the BITTERS, and heavy synthing from TRUST.


ENVY "Recitation "

POST-HARDCORE. ENVY has been blurring lines between hardcore, experimental, ambient music and sheer emotion for nearly 2 decades and continue to bend genres with 2010's "recitation". It’s no surprise that ENVY have increasingly found inspiration in instrumental-rock and experimental ambient music - genres that historically circumvent cultural trappings. With each album since their inception in the early ‘90s the group have chipped away at the linguistic and cultural barriers inherent in international rock music. "recitation" is a fully realized vision from a band at their most inspired.



Convulsions " the reapers gift 7''

PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. After the self release of their "losing everything" demo, Rhode Island's own CONVULSIONS properly introduce themselves with their debut 7", "the reaper's gift". This treatment is split into 4 equal parts coursing with a seamless blend of chaotic math work, coin-dropping signature changes and sundering pedal layers reminiscent of early BOTCHG and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, yet coupled with a grittier, darker, rolling undertone not unlike the Melvins. This record comes with a hand silk-screened layout. With original block-print art from the band, hand stamped center labels and a hand type-written insert.

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