Suma split Bastinado [7'']

Mas stoner sludge de de buena calidad asiq ue habajar


Loan " Hontziria 2009"

Nuevo album de los bilbainos despues de su aclamado debut "Kobazuloan Saiakerak"Nos presentan 7 nuevos temas, de mas, grave y potente Sludge Rock. Mete en una coctelera Electric Wizard, Godflesh, Unsane, Earth, Suma, Black Sabbath, Melvins, etc...y tienes "Hontziria".


Celan "Halo"

Finding a common musical ground does not ultimately require coming from the same scene or style. It doesn't even require coming from the same musical universe, as long as there is a deep appreciation for each other’s work and the ability and willingness to push some boundaries. Celan was conceived in early 2008 when Ari Benjamin Meyers (Redux Orchestra, Einstürzende Neubauten) and Chris Spencer (Unsane, Cutthroats 9) met in a bar in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Initially it was intended as a collaboration between two very different musicians: one a classically trained composer and the other had been working and touring in a noise/rock band for years. It's quite an ironic side note that this collaborative idea was born in Germany, probably the last remaining country in the world where music reception as well as broadcasting and medial representation are still determined by a separation between 'serious' and 'popular' music.


Robado de http://elementaryrevolt.blogspot.com/

Yakuza Horror "Y vendran mil anos mas 2008"

Excelente trabajo de los crusters oscuros y mosqueados de zgza en LP/CD


Unearthly Trance split Minsk

These two sludge/doom bands pay tribute to the great Roky Erickson on this Parasitic Records split 7". Unearthly Trance does "Night of the Demon" while Minsk offers their version of "Stand For the Fire Demon."

Suma split Unearthly Trance

Excelente tema de Suma Sludge/Doom Metal Stoner/Doom Metal


Kiruna "Penundaan "

Segundo trabajo de KIRUNA 5 temas de noise rock . recomendable

Hombre Malo " The Ecstasy Of Devastation"

Desde Oslo, Noruega, llega esta banda de reciente formación. Con miembros de bandas como The sons of Saturn, Ictus o La Casa Fantom una mezcla interezante de stoner, el sludge, el hardcore y el doom.


EL Ego "Winds of glory"

El Ego comienza en 2008, juntándonse gente de otras bandas como Adrift, Ictus, P.U.S o de los primeros Terroristars entre otras..., con la intención de hacer Death Metal con influencias "suecas"...


Segundo disco distribuido por boredtothecorerecords banda holandesa despáchandose 6 temas d-beat crust harcdcore punk .

Marat Split Facelift

Facelift banda desde singapur con 4 metrallasos crust,d-beat y marat desde holanda repitiendo los 4 temas de su demo distribuido por BoredToTheCore .


Torchbearer "s/t"

My apologies to New Jersey's Torchbearer for accidentally sitting on their debut EP/demo for far too long. I believe these seven songs mark the band's first recordings, and that's not half bad considering the significant 90's sounding influences swirling around amidst their brand of thick, surging post-hardcore/noise rock. On MySpace they cite their influences as Deadguy, Coalesce, Kiss it Goodbye, 108, Unbroken, Undertow, Botch, and Pink Floyd, and while I probably wouldn't have cited any of those bands as comparisons myself, that list does make sense when you think about the manner in which they're fusing together different angles and influences herein. In addition to the core of textbook rhythmic post-hardcore with gruffly shouted vocals resting deep in the mix are some heavier and more pounding rhythms that slow the pace a bit, as well as quite a few uses of strange (though not excessive) effects to create a certain sense of droning sustain or added atmosphere. The end result feels a little thicker, darker, and more aggressive than typical post-hardcore; though less grating and more tangible than the noisier and more chaotic side of the band's influences - while remaining very firmly rooted in a sound that will still be enjoyably familiar to anyone that's been a general fan of this style of music since the early- to mid-90's (and then some).

Hand Of Fatima from " Obake"

"Hi, we are Hand Of Fatima from Spain. We have a new record called "Obake", recorded in 2008 by Pacoloco and John Agnello (Witch, Fu Manchu...) in ODDS studios in Pto. Sta. Maria. We are in a label called Odio Sonoro and Nooirax Producciones.

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