Finger Print - Discography

The Finger Print discography is getting harder to find, so I did some digging. With a little window cleaner my old scratchy copy of the CD made for some good ripping. As far as my personal canon goes, Finger Print were one of the delectable treats that lured me into the rabbit hole of nineties hardcore. Things would never again be the same for me, and I rather like it that way. Claw your way through the tangle of FP's jack-hammering drums, metallic dissonance, winding melodies, and curdling screams, and you'll find four regular guys, hacking their own rambling and fugitive path to the same vague place you hope to one day end up too. Like many acts of the decade, their path went somewhere inward, exploring the place of the individual among the shape-shifting and ghoulish menagerie of the political realm. Whether or not they ever found what they were looking for, I cannot say, but this 19 track document suggests to me that the journey was well worth it. There's nary a single throw-away (other than the awfully recorded live tracks at the end), and unlike many hardcore discographies, I am always riveted by this one from beginning to end. Speaking of the end, the final three studio tracks revealed a slightly new direction for the band, smoothing the jagged metallic edges to more elegant contours. Members would continue in this direction in the band Jasemine, who sadly only released four songs.


Hot Potato Syndrome-Come War Ghost

Yeah,this is how the story goes...When an idea begins,nothing can stop the force of it. Hot Potato Syndrome are the members of different bands from the city of Athens (Gr) who came together and decided to explore the call of the wild and the mentality of those who succumb to it.A music place where one can quite possibly find one's self,but also discovering the dark possibility that we might find our own strange nature,working always as a team. What about follow us in the groove side of our musical experience................
We sound like sharing a smoke of chocolope under a cactus in the desert of Nebada,fighting for peace in the Lacandon Jungle.


Tree Of Sores Tree Of Sores

Leeds 3 piece, taking influences from the doomy atmospherics of Neurosis, an underbelly of crust care of Amebix, and an air of recklessness favoured by the likes of Eyehategod.

The band create a vibe that is heavy, dark and ambient, with tortured male/female vocals, and a mission to take you to a frightening place.


The Phoenix Foundation - No Love Lost

4th full lengh of Finlands PHOENIX FOUNDATION continiues with a row of HUSKER DU influenced melodic punk rock that comes again very solid and well done. The theme is again on the melancholic side of "things" and itä's not a record you listen to when you just have a good time. Maybe more the opposite. I love it. - Artwork is amazingly simple but beautyful. Crafted by Mr John Yates at Stealworks.

Descarados - El canto de los humildes

Latino anarcho emo punk


Crone - Endless Midnight

CRONE representa la incursión de (Jeff Caxide (Ex-ISIS) en paisajes sonoros ambientales, del proyecto unos meses en la toma de que fue inspirado en parte por más de una década realizando en todo el mundo. Con contribuciones de algunos amigos de edad y la influencia de la elaboración de la ficción y el cine tanto como luminarias sonora Tangerine Dream y Vangelis, Endless Midnight es seguro a la banda sonora de su vida en su más apático y melancólico. La oscuridad de un viaje de DMT. La sensación de temor y asombro que sólo el mejor cine de ciencia ficción puede provocar ...
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