Souvenir's Young America "The Name Of The Snak"

EXPERIMENTAL/AMBIENT. Follow-up to the bands' 2007 album, "an ocean without water" you'll get this time 4 songs recorded at Sound Of Music with John Morand (Sparklehorse, Lamb Of God) and featuring beautiful artwork by Sasha Barr. Ambient and heavy guitars layered with keyboard, piano, harmonica, and electronics. The sound draws from the collected DNA of forebears like EARTH, LABRADFORD and NEUROSIS, yet they form a powerfully evocative instrumental language all of their own.


Pulling Teeth Split Shin To Shin-

HARDCORE. Baltimore's irreverent PULLING TEETH is back with 1 song in the vein of SLAYER and NAPALM DEATH while Aaron Melnick (INTEGRITY, IN COLD BLOOD) debuts his new band SHIN TO SHIN on the flipside.



Atka split Swarrrm

Atka, the tech-grinders from Giessen+Berlin [Germany] share the disc with

Swarrrm, the chaotic-minimalist-extremists from Japan.


Born bad split Duress

HARDCORE-PUNK. On probably BORN BAD's final output, the Winnipeg, Canada band rips through 2 tracks of ugly, fast hardcore that doesn't play nice and brings to mind the most vile of the early '80s Midwest hardcore bands. DURESS bring 2 tracks of their own of filthy, fuzzy and fast hardcore.



Planks " The Darkest Of Grays "

the darkest of grays" is PLANKS second full-length output and the first for their new label Per Koro. It features 12 songs that are pretty much different from their first self-titled record. Yet it is totally PLANKS. The band focused more on the dynamic aspekt in their music instead of sheer brutality.

The songs are all full of different nuances, tempi changes and have an undeniable sense of melody. Stylewise don't expect Pop Music here, even though there are clearly some structures of a classic ('80s dark-wave ) Pop Song to be found. If you feel the urge to describe the whole thing, you could imagine a blending of Breach's "kollapse" with Mastodon's "leviathan" mixed with Isis "oceanic" , "closer" by Joy Division and some classic Norwegian Black-Metal such as Dark Throne's "transilvanian Hunger". It all sounds rather unique and contemporary.
If you enjoy bands such as the ones mentioned before as well acts such as Wolves In The Throne Room, Catharsis, Amen Ra and Damnation a.D. this record might be your cup of black coffee.




Hudson Valley, NY's Colony come with their S/T debut release courtesy of Frequency Deleted Records on both 7inch and CD formats. 7 songs of non-stop intensity not unlike the heaviness of Eyehategod and his hero is gone mixed with the fast paced energy of Cursed and Converge


SirCusCus "Brutal Ethnology"

Finland Banda debut its first 10 songs which blends melvins psicoledia of punk touches that make it have its own stamp on your style of music.



Starve "Wasteland" LP

On the heels of their four-song demo, dingy Dutch doom act Starve is already back with their first full-length outing, "Wasteland" (released by Badger Records), which unloads 10 songs in nearly 50 minutes. All four songs from the demo appear here in re-recorded form, and there's a crisper recording this time out that gives the individual elements a bit more space in the mix – especially the vocals, which are a little more out in front now. Overall they maintain a natural sense of warmth and a thick, gritty density that fits this style perfectly, but now you can really hear the detail in those nasty pulses of bass, and the vocals have an extra smidge of attitude and intensity that provides more emotion to the lyrical delivery. For the most part the songwriting approach is still a fairly straightforward dose of crawling, rumbling sludge with snarling vocals (though the lyrics definitely tend to have more of a serious message with this band), but they are starting to bring in a wider range of tactics. A handful of riffs toss in some extra dissonance (most notably the excellent "Einzelgänger", which feels even more twisted than it did on the demo), occasionally the vocals will open up into a less strained form of yelling, the title track drops some wickedly piercing feedback, and there are a handful of bleak clean passages that flirt with a hint more of a bluesy flavor. Shit, there's even a quick bit of slide guitar in a couple tracks, and any band that breaks out the slide definitely means business! I never feel like I can really make my point with words these days, but hopefully the music will make the point for me…


Millenial Reign "Bones dust nothing"

HARDCORE. Featuring Damian of FUCKED UP on vocals as well as former members of NO WARNING and TERROR, MILLENIAL REIGN do their best tribute to early INTEGRITY complete with dark vocals and wailing guitar solos. Guest vocals on 2 tracks courtesy of Chris Colohan (CURSED, LEFT FOR DEAD, THE SWARM).


INTRONAUT "Valley of smoke"

PROGRESSIVE-METAL. Very few bands can effectively mix intelligence with intensity like Southern California's INTRONAUT, who essentially walks a fine line between psychedelic brutality, captivating hooks and devastating yet unpredictable time changes. INTRONAUT took metal in a new direction with their debut, "prehistoricisms", but their sophomore offering, "valley of smoke", will quickly solidify them as genre visionaries. INTRONAUT look to surprise the genre with an effort that will keep people on their toes wondering just what is going to hit them next.


Chrome " Third From The Sun"

INDUSTRIAL/NOISE. Metallic drums, grating guitar, a driving industrial beat,sci-fi. This was the universe inhabited by San Francisco's cyber punks, CHROME. Originally released in 1982, on Siren Records, this was the band's last official release. Still featuring the brilliantly feral guitar playing of HELIOS CREED.




ROYAL THUNDER (Mlny Parsonz – bass / vocals, Josh Weaver – guitar, Jesse Stuber - drums) formed in 2007 and has performed locally and nationally, sharing the stage with a range of artists from WOVEN HAND, BIRDS OF AVALON, NICK OLIVERI, SCOTT KELLY, NORMA JEAN, BLACK TUSK, and more. The band is currently writing for their debut full-length that is expected to see a 2011 release date.


Nikola Tesla "Nosotros los hijos"

Excelente debut de estos chicos de Albacete disco producido por ellos música punl rock muy bien logrado que nos recuerdan bandas como interluded.




Dos años después de aquel buscado (y agotado en tiempo récord) split 10", estas dos bestias se alían de nuevo para producir una colaboración única, editada para su gira juntos por USA (Octubre 2010).
Éstas grabaciones son nuevas e inéditas (datan del verano 2010), y no se deben confundir con aquellas del 10".
Este disco no se trata del típico compartido donde cada banda aporta una cara del disco. Esta colaboración funde a ámbas bandas en una sola entidad durante más de 20 minutos.




Yup, we've called it a day. No big fights or owt, Micky is moving to Belgium with his family and unfortunately we just couldn't get our shit together to do a European tour! We're all still good friends, and some of us may re-appear in other guises together. We'll see!!

Thanks to key players: Karin, Kunal, Luke, Stu, Sned, Bri D, Frank S, Luke + Ben, Jorg. To all of our friends and those who supported/helped us and enjoyed our music: thanks also!


skrotes " demo (2010) portugal "

The Skrotes from Portugal, never heard?!?! Portugal - bad beer, sun and beach, but hell - so many cool new HC/Punk/Crust bands come also from there. The Skrotes play catchy fast HC with so much power and cool riffs, that my grey, no silver hair was standing up!! for all fans of Ape Attack, Government Warning, No Sleep etc. here we go with The Skrotes.... from Portugal, to bad not from USA... fuck off!


Easpa Measa SPLIT Divisions Ruin



I KNOW " The End Of Democracy"



Rabbits "Hide! "

It's no secret that we like rabbits here on End Hits. But we don't discriminate; we like all kinds of rabbits, not just harmless little Scottish bunnies of song. Tonight, a trio of local Rabbits are going to pick you up, pummel you, and thrash you to pieces. These aren't harmless little bunnies, but rather Rabbits, the punk-sludge-thrash-trash band who are dropping a new slab of vinyl (in inconvenient 10-inch format, no less) onto your quivering little whiskers.


Le kraken "Exalt"

Exalt, le premier album de la formation Le Kraken, qui fait de la musique lourde et mélodique. Du crust-punk ambiant? Du doom-post-hardcore? Comme du Neurosis ou du Fucked Up (vraiment) ralenti. Le genre est peut-être difficile à cerner, mais une chose est sûre: l'explorer en français est tout à l'honneur du groupe.



Colosvs "Brutal Beatz X The Pit "

Nuevo proyecto de Jesus Versvs, hiphop y guitarras, 26 temas con la participación de MCs Americanos y españoles como Stickman, Chirie Vegas,...



This MCD contains three new songs -- two original compositions and a cover song that fluidly flow into a mellow psychedelia with proto-doom metal influences stemming from the 60s and 70s. “Witness” is perhaps less guitar oriented than before with the mood becoming more melancholy in the process; the music is heavy yet laid back and openly nostalgic without being sentimental or trite. The band’s biggest strengths are the haunting vocals of Jex and avoiding the usual trap of carbon copying its predecessors. As such this MCD should appeal fans of pastoral, psychedelic rock/metal with a firm footing in the past but not necessarily dwelling there -- timeless, really.



SOLLUBI are a side project from the guys of FISTULA and RAPE X. They play a very original kind of psychadelic / sludge. You can find the down tempo and the heavy sound of FISTULA with a psychadelic and noisy vibe made by RAPE X. They sounds like a tribute band of HAWKWIND



Modern, chaotic & noisy hardcore. Mixing hyper-melodic tunes with savage brutal parts, AFAD is one of the most exciting bands of the past 5 years. Strong personality and high musical consciousness seems to be the point for this magical band.


Madeleine " Madeleine "

"Madeleine son 5 jovenes que han optado por una senda diferente a la establecida como normal. Normalmente la gente mas joven empieza tocando hardcore/punk/metal y en la madurez se centran en estilos como el Post Rock, el que ellos han escogido. Han ido directamente al grano y con una composición exquisita, en línea de God Is An Astronaut o Russian Circles".



Disco de despedida de esta gran banda catalana de hardcore punk en edición limitada y numerada de 500 copias. Aquí nos ofrecen nuevos temas con su peculiar estilo positivo donde se mezcla el hardcore y el punk con una trepidante personalidad de una banda que ha marcado un estilo característico a la hora de hacer buenas y coreables canciones.



Desde Polonia y Alemania y con miembros de The Tangled Lines y Vitamin X nos presentan su tercer trabajo y primer larga duración con una cuidada presentación y vinilo clásico negro. Metarial político sonando una buena mezcla de To What End junto con The Tangled Lines.



Magnifica mezla de hc caotico, rocking hc y metal de estos catalanes, para fans de converge, dillinger escape plan, nine,...



Desorden y Rencor is the second album from Spanish trio, Lords of Bukkake, and it brings 40 minutes of sickening slow motion Sludge/DOOM filled with dirty riffs, greasy feedbacks, high-pitched nuts vocals and lots of effects and electronics in the background. Extremely heavy, psychedelic and noisier / weirder than any of their previous material.



Gun Mob trash around with 9 blasting crustcore / d-beat tracks followed by two hypnotic doom driven sludge songs by PYRAMIDO


Brand new CDep audio and video plus patch! Excellent jazz/grind!!! Recorded and mixed at Music Lab, Berlin / Germany by Harris Johns!!!

TRUST NOTHING "ORPHANS OF GOD"Trust Nothing - Orphans of God"

Banda leonesa cuyas canciones oscilan entre el Crust y el Hardcore con ramalazos de potente Punk-Rock; incluso en algunos momentos te pueden recordar a los grandes Zeke.



Impresionante tercer álbum, segundo para Alone Records, de esta formación vitoriana de power-heavy-psicodelic-psycho-soul. Lo que realmente asusta de ellos es que realmente hacen todo eso que prometen en esa interminable etiqueta. El nuevo disco de THE SOULBREAKER COMPANY combina de una manera magistral riffs poderosos, elementos de la más elegante psicodelia y sobre todo alma, mucha alma.



Nuevo single (7") en Doomentia. dos nuevas canciones con ilustración de Elena Serrato y diseño de Walrus and Eggman.



Movement of leaves

EX FALL OF EFRAFA movement of leaves is an ongoing musical project created and performed by two brothers. We started this with the hopes of trying new things and challenging ourselves. We have deliberately tried to used instruments that we are not overly familiar with. This has resulted in a fairly generic and embryonic sound, which we quite like and think is worth sharing.



MEWITHOUTYOU " catch for us the foxes"

POST-HARDCORE. Finally back in print after unavailability, Gilead Media offers a redux on their LP release of MEWITHOUTYOU's sophomore album, "catch for us the foxes", on 180gr colored vinyl. With their 2nd album, MEWITHOUTYOU took the raw energy of their debut, "[a-->b] life", to new lengths. Featuring a more melodic musical approach, yet arguably more intense in it's presentation, "catch for us the foxes" was both startling and mesmerizing all at once.


DAITRO "collected"

SCREAMO-HARDCORE. The LP contains the out-of-print stuff from the split LP with SED NON SATIATA, the split 7" with AMPERE and the 2 songs that were on the US tour 7". This is one of the best french emotive hardcore bands.




Nuevas grabaciones de estudio por parte de estas dos brutales bandas! La leyenda brasileña del Thrashcore RATOS DE PORAO escupe 5 agresivos temas que retoman su clásica línea Thrash de los gloriosos días del "Brasil" / "Anarkophobia" combinada con su habitual atmósfera Punk Hardcore suramericana de los '80 incluyendo la primera grabación de estudio de los temas "Guerrear" & "Politicos en Nome do Povo" originalmente publicados en su álbum en directo "Ao Vivo" de 1992. Por su parte, el estandarte del Grindcore europeo LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER vomita 7 devastadores temas de puro Grind vieja escuela en la línea de primeros Napalm Death con influencias Crust y Noisecore ochentero contra los posers y la miseria humana incluyendo la regrabación de "Bombas para la Paz" originalmente publicada en su split álbum con Kontraattaque de 2001. Ambas bandas incluyen una versión mutua para cerrar sus respectivas caras del 10" y un bestial trabajo artístico del ilustrador gallego Nor Venagruesa remata esta inédita y genuina pieza del más insano Thrashcore / Grind!


Bloody Phoenix " Death To Everyone"

USA-Import!!! BxPx are back again, billowing out barrels of grind that will pollute your mind like a 6-ft bong hit of From Enslavement to Obliteration. As with their debut LP, BxPx continue the tradition of no-thrills grindcore, keeping it direct and brutal not unlike their earlier band EXCRUCIATING TERROR.


Union of Sleep "Death In The Place Of Rebirth "

After last year's self-titled debut, UNION OF SLEEP deliver their 2nd release "death in the place of rebirth". Yet again they dish out uncomplicated, riff-based songs and solos which are obviously rooted in rock, but they come with a doom-metal, sludge and even a hardcore edge. Ruder and more decisive, this record punches like a steam hammer! Besides...




HARDCORE-PUNK. If the only thing that matters is a list of previous bands, skip to the final sentence and you will be very pleased. FRUSTRATION is the best new band out of Seattle right now. Their style can be best described as a dark punk approach to a MOT�RHEAD type sound, Complications or BORN DEAD ICONS might be a good sign post. Melodic and powerful, but still punk in scope and theme, think QUARANTINE. A sum of all those parts. For those that need it, ex-members of, CONSUME, COP ON FIRE, DECREIPT, BLACKOU


Yog Sothoth " Hypnotic Crushery"

Hypnotic Crushery" is the first album by Yog-Sothoth. It represents the continuation and refinement of the singular sonic style shared by band members/Yith proprietors Ben Zientara and Cory Strand.

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