16-Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds

Southern California’s godfathers of bum-out 16 return with another masterpiece of bleakness on ‘Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds’. 16 maintain their position atop the mountain of sludge-metal. What has always set 16 apart from their doom and sludge contemporaries has been their ability to set the utter bleakness of singer Cris Jerue’s lyrics to undeniably catchy and heavy riffs and grooves, and ‘Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds’ finds the band absolutely perfecting this already addictive combo. Never has extreme depression and despair sounded so good!


Bonebreaker - Demos Compilation

Bonebreaker, thrash metal desde Brasil. Primera edicion en el estado español de la banda, con todas sus demos en un mismo tape. Edicion en tape color blanco, 100 copias, limitado. 12 temas de puro thrash metal OldSchool


Alda - Tahoma

Formed in Washington during the fall of 2007, Alda is a four-piece band from Tacoma that plays a style of black metal that is considered to be of the Cascadian ilk. The band is a collective project that is dedicated to the reclamation of Lost Wisdom and the application of a lifestyle founded on respect and communication with the soils on which they dwell. Tahoma was originally only pressed on cassette, but is now available through Replenish Records at http://www.replenishrecords.com on double vinyl with heavyweight gatefold (limited to 300)

Sky Burial - Where Four Rivers Flow

Formed in Tennessee in early 2009, Sky Burial is a four-piece band from Nashville that combines elements of doom, post-metal, and post-rock to create a somber, yet peaceful atmosphere of minimalistic arrangements and passionate segues. The band’s heavily instrumental approach to post-metal is sparsely decorated with messages of self-betterment and hope. The band’s debut full-length, Where Four Rivers Flow, is now available through Replenish Records at http://www.replenishrecords.com on 180gram vinyl with heavyweight jacket, an insert, and a custom silkscreened polybag (limited to 500)

When Unsane bassist Dave Curran started writing songs on guitar with drummer Jim Paradise (Player’s Club, Freshkills, Hellno) the name they tossed out for their fledgling project was simple: PIGS. “We figured it was short enough that press and promoters couldn’t fuck it up.” Producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) was invited to fill-in on bass for a couple of shows and, much to their delight, has refused to leave.


Pick Your Side - Let Me Show You How Democracy Works

crust/grind influenced HC band from Hamilton, Ont Canada. We're called Pick Your Side and have members of Haymaker/Left For Dead/Fuck the Facts.

mnttaB - Rocky 4​,​2 and 3 EP

I'm nobodies sidekick, dont have to pretend, I wont suffer your mood swings : I will not accept my own weakness.
Cos Im bigger than Elvis, Arnie, Dolph Lungren , Steve Seagal.
Believe me - I'm Rocky 4, 2 and 3.
See I'm big in Spain, Italy and Japan: I'm bigger than Beckham and Jesus AND Bono.
Fuck yeah : I'm Rocky!
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