Kylesa split Victims

PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/HARDCORE. The regular version of the tour-only split 7" is finally available. Comes with eyecatching cover artwork. US-press will follow on Deathwish.



Melt-Banana " initial "

initial t. is the latest single from this legenday band.Featuring three brand new exclusive songs that pick up where    
Bambi's Dilema left off, and hot off the tail of their split with Young Widows.

Blueneck "The Fallen Host"

“Vendetta continues to bring together bands that complement each other on tasteful split releases, this time OMEGA MASSIF and MOUNT LOGAN, both from Southern Germany. OMEGA MASSIF do their well-known monumental heavy post-hardcore that lets the listener feel like watching an avalanche during the sunset in a lonely valley in the Alps. MOUNT LOGAN, despite their name, sound more "urban" with their dissonant chaotic now wave sound that feels like being stuck in a traffic jam after having drunk 20 cups of strong coffee.”

Matahero "Matahero"

Banda de santiago que viene practicando un crust muy acelerado con un sonido encreible los mejor que escuchado en bandas nacionales .


mouthbreather " lila 10'' 2009

New release by our friends from Richmond (ex wow owls, the set up). 5 new songs of raw pissed off hardcore that is more dirty, more raw, more pissed, more punk.
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