The catalyst " Marianas trench "

I expected screamo and got abrasive scum-rock, so that’s a big fat tick right there. In fact, it’s a bit of the former and a lot of the latter, what with the Karp / Jesus Lizard / Unsane worship in the mix with those offbeat screamo rhythmics and vocals. The songs here are collected from a number of separate releases, so the variability in production jobs doesn’t help the bittiness of some tracks, what with some of the constructions merely feeling like some riffs (albeit very neat ones) jammed together. Lyrics are in firmly in the oblique nonsense camp, but they trip off the tongue nicely and match the nastiness of the rawk. This is good stuff, and it will be interesting to see what they do next.


Braveyoung " We Are Lonely Animals "

Formerly known as Giant, North Carolina's Braveyoung brings you lush, hypnotic musical soundscapes on their debut album "We Are Lonely Animals". Recommended for fans of Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, Pelican and Mogwai.


Shrinebuilder " Coextinction Release 3 "

Shrinebuilder recorded this song("Science of Anger") when they got stuck in New York after the Iceland volcano eruption of this past April. They gave a live there and recorded the song for Coextinction Recordings as they have worked it in this gig. As expected, it's another great 13-minute sample of Shrinebuilder's work.



Criaturas " Arañas en el Corazon "

HARDCORE-PUNK. This is yet another Austin-based hardcore band that released a demo sometime last year. This 4 song slab of catchy hardcore-punk music makes up for that. There have been many interesting bands and sounds coming out of Texas for the past couple years, and it seems this band is no exception to that. Harsh, ferocious, fast, other assorted adjectives. This band has members of DESKONOCIDOS and the vocalist screeches harmoniously in Spanish.



Mother "Through This Disappearing Land "

MOTHER is what happened when three of four members of THEMA ELEVEN united with a beardo father Libor in summer of 2009. After Libor was called to perform his fatherly duties a year later, thee almighty Dav sacrificed his fresh blood to save the day. We are a DIY punk band. Let us spoil your fun.



GERANIÜM "tour cdr 2010"

Neocrust. desde francia excelente trabajo para ser un demo con un perfecto sonido.




HARDCORE/DOOM/DRONE. A sprawling tornado of blown out wreckage helmed by prolific visionary, Will Killingsworth (FAILURES, VACCINE, AMPERE, COMPLAINTS, etc.). This debut LP showcases 2 long and lurching compositions of landslide riffs, buried shrieks, and black fog drones culminating in a deluge that collapses upon any reason to exist.


End Of A Year- More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse

POST-HARDCORE/EMOCORE. Another in the string of seemingly endless records for this prolific Albany, NY-based band. This 7" features an original and a cover of TALKING HEADS' "wild wild life" presenting an homage to their influences both in song and in cover art.


Garga Pitic "Hallgass"




Remember " Chuzpe"

About one year after the debut-ep 'Death To All Of Us' Remember are back with their first full length. Chuzpe is the consistent advancement of the EP, the record is dark and desperate. It combines some modern hardcore elements with some moshing heavyness of pure intensity. There are these calm and muted moments just to be destroyed by another vehement storm. We made some copies in a splattered-vinyl-look, some white copies and some black ones.



Earth "A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction"

DRONE/NOISE-ROCK. For the 1st time ever the debut recordings of EARTH are available in one concise, beautifully documented capsule. "a beaurocratic desire for extra capsular extraction" contains the entire 1990 Smegma Studios sessions which are the debut recordings from EARTH. Previously available scattered via the "extra capsular extractions" and "sunn amps and smashed guitar" releases. This essential collection contains every note from the infamous 1st EARTH recording sessions. All 7 tracks have been carefully remastered. The result is a more burly, mammoth and crushing audio experience that makes this collection a must have even for the die-hards that own previous versions of these recordings. Includes liner notes from Dylan Carlson with exclusive artwork by Simon Fowler and package design via Stephen O'Malley.



HYBRID "The 8th Plague"

Technical Death Metal / Experimental / Extreme Metal


Thou " Summit "

SLUDGE-METAL. THOU return with their hardcore infused doom. Combining true d.i.y. ethics and sludging, droning doom THOU breathe life into a creative entity that is completely passionate and dedicated to what they do. Borne from the Baton Rouge scene, sharing some dna with EYEHATEGOD, THOU emulate lava crawling down the mountainside; the impending weight of a crushingly distorted music extremity. Drawing influences from both the hardcore (CURSED, HIS HERO IS GONE) and doom scenes (BURNING WITCH, CORRUPTED, GRIEF), THOU slip neatly between the two. THOU is now primed to define the future of what slow and heavy music may become and "summit" showcases the band at their most progressive,



SLUDGE-METAL/SCREAMO-HARDCORE. Another release from the unstoppable New Orleans metal band THOU. THOU does 2 songs (1 new song and an AGENTS OF OBLIVION cover). Fellow Louisianians THE CITY IS THE TOWER serve up 3 catchy songs of screamy yet melodic hardcore on the flipside. Comes packaged in reverse-board jackets with heavy reverse-board printed inner sleeves


SLANG "life made me hardcore "

HARDCORE. Intense hardcore from Sapporo, Japan - SLANG combines the manic energy of the best of Japanese hardcore, a hint of the tough edge of early East-Coast hardcore, blasting d-beat and crushing metallic riffs. Their 5th album since 1988, "life made me hardcore" is a crushing follow up to their 2008 "the immortal sin". You'll get 12 tracks with absolutely searing riffs and highlighting vocalist KO's harsh gutteral vocal attack.



HARDCORE. On their debut, RUN WITH THE HUNTED has architected songs founded around the heaviness and technicality of bands like INDECISION and TURMOIL intermixed with the strong, noisy flourishes akin to BOTCH and CATHARSIS. The end result as shown on their self-titled album is anything but the typical aping of either niched genre - it's a powerful combination of both, without the shortcomings of either and a unique style all its own.

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