HARDCORE-PUNK. A pro-made cassette by VICIOUS BRICKS, a hardcore-punk band from Florida. Maniacal vocals, very distorted guitar and bass. Music similar to early hardcore bands like NEGATIVE APPROACH, YDI and SSD but with the vocals and production of bands like DISCHARGE or DISCLOSE.


J. MASCIS "several shades of why"

ALTERNATIVE-ROCK. It's hard to believe that after 25 years of squalling guitar rock with DINOSAUR JR and a slew of other bands, J. Mascis is just now releasing his 1st proper solo album, and that it's a laid-back acoustic record. After listening to "several shades of why", it's even harder to believe he hasn't explored this format more often. His maximum rock 'n' roll six-string shredding morphs exceptionally well into this album's earthy, forlorn picking, and Mascis' lazy, stripped-bare backdrop of acoustic guitars and cellos and jingling tambourines is pure magic. Several guest musicians drop in to lend a hand on the album (including BAND OF HORSES, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, A SILVER MOUNT ZION, BLACK HEART PROCESSION etc.), but no one comes close to stealing the spotlight from the veteran Mascis on this affecting collection of solitary ballads.


BUZZOVEN "Revelation: Sick Again "

SLUDGE-METAL/HARDCORE. "revelation: sick again" is classic BUZZOVEN, replete with blistering SABBATH-ian riffing, throat torn eulogies to the narcotically oppressed and monumental gutter dwelling dirges. Over the course of the album's 8 tracks, the untidy trio unfurl their tentacles reaching into the dim recesses of human existence to pull forth yet another grizzled portrait of life gone horribly wrong. Previously available only to bootleg diehards and internet trolls in inferior incarnations, this long lingering blackened gem has finally been disinterred for the world at large and properly presented in all its ragged filthy glory. LP includes a MP3 download card.



Jack And The Bearded Fishermen " Places To Hide "

Jack and the bearded fishermen son comenzando con ese nombre una banda atípica. Pese a las referencias al vello facial nos los imaginaríamos más haciendo folk indie que la mezcla de sludge, rock alternativo y stoner que practican. La banda bebe mucho de la estela de bandas como Torche, Kylesa y a su vez, de los referentes de estas bandas, pero tal vez la sorpresa la den destellos vocales poco aceptados en el género, melódicos que aunque no abundan, recuerdan a bandas de metal de las que triunfaban en los últimos 90.

En "Scenario" ya nos sorprenden fusionando las guitarras y el tono oscuro de las bandas de la escena de Georgia con una voz y melodías más templadas, si bien la mezcla se decanta por esa oscuridad con tono psicodélico, más actual. En "Roam Until the End" continúa este fragil equilibrio, pues un riff triunfante se introduce en una canción de aires post-grunge y progresivos, también al borde del post-metal.


Birds In Row "Cottbus"

Too straight forward and too filthy to get back to the so-called hardcore fanbase that bloomed on Modern Life Is War's grave, too kind to belong to the crust/sludge scene, the three hardworkers from BIRDS IN ROW seem to avoid their city as much as labels.Then you can still wonder where do they take place between Modern Life Is War, Kylesa or Cursed. The first ones for the guts unpacking and their heartbreaking spleen, the second for their punk roughness and their abilities to enlight dirt and the last ones for the urging adrenalin discharges.But it is certainly not that. It is hardcore as it is supposed to be played. Period. With passion, deprived of any splendor and made so they can go stuff some asphalt half of the year.And yet, according to the 3000 miles they're dealing with in a twelve months time, if you haven't seen them less than 20 miles from your home, it can only mean two things : you have no friends, or no taste at all. And if there's not much we can do about the first reason, we can sure work on the other one. 


The Poison Arrows " Newfound Resolutions "

On the surface, Chicago’s the Poison Arrows sound cold and mechanical, exhibiting an almost robotic precision that’s damn well uncanny. But then you press your ear a little closer and things start to unravel. Harmonies peek their heads out from behind corners; melodies creep along slowly before bursting unexpectedly into view.

Former Don Caballero bassist, Patrick Morris, anchors the music, his jarring, off-kilter bass lines coiling themselves around Adam Reach’s thunderous drums. Ex-Atombombpocketknife front man, Justin Sinkovich, provides the voice, his wiry guitar and abstract keyboards coloring the oftentimes bleak atmosphere with flashes of sonic radiance and bits of textural noise. It’s beguiling stuff, that rare breed of music that can lull you into a trance even as it’s punching you in the gut. This is indie rock for the thinking person — smart, decisive, calculating — but with an indomitable hardcore punk spirit raging at the center.

Standing at over 70 minutes, Newfound Resolutions can be an overwhelming listen. It’s dense, dark, difficult. But if you stand back and allow the details to seep in, let the album work its considerable magic on you, you’ll find that for all of its tension and tightly-wound intensity, there’s a whole lot of beauty to be discovered as well.



Cloaca " Lassitude"

Praise for Cloaca‘s Lassitude from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: Lassitude is the very first release from the just launched UK label Lone Vigil, and is the debut of black industrial post metal doomlords Cloaca. Both the label and the band are fronted by Chris Naughton, he of doomsludge masters Atavist and neo pagan black metallers Winterfylleth, but Cloaca is a whole different beast than either of those two outfits, and while most descriptions peg Cloaca as ‘experimental industrial doom’, that might be a bit misleading.


Looking For An Answer – Split The Suffering Split The Pain


Summon the Crows " One More For The Gallows"

CRUST-METAL. Norways gloomiest and heaviest crust-monster is back! 4 years after their 1st full-lengst "scavengers feast", SUMMON THE CROWS are prepared to unleash a new studio album of 10 manic and intense bulldozer-crust anthems that come along with a distinctive blackened vibe and a vary of fast and mid-tempo elements in their songwriting not unlike old black-metal but with a way better production and a hell lot of sound and urge for power in their production! You might spot some bits of influence here and there, reminding you sometimes of SLAYER, CELTIC FROST or even the old vintage VOIVOD. A guttural sick vibe within the vocals, a bass and drum unit that weights several tons and a heavy shredding and chugging guitar that creates a sonic juggernaut of grim and dire tunes. LP comes with a poster insert including lyrics and artwork. The new-wave of Norvegian blackened crust has arrived!



Hungry For Hands " I Was Hungry For Hands EP"


Vestiges " The Descent Of Man"

For fans of Fall Of Efrafa or Celeste. Limited to 100 copies and hand numbered! Combined elements of crust, screamo, black metal, hardcore and postrock, this project is a behemoth just waiting to be unleashed in the form of a 40 minute monster crashing down and choking you. Heart-stopping, atmospheric tunes, backed by inspiring and breathtaking lyrics...just perfect. I urge everyone, even those who don't like crust or black metal or postrock, I urge you to check this band out.



Nicoffeine "lighthealer-stalking"

Let’s keep this straight from the beginning: what you are about to hear on this record is not for everyone. So consider yourself as part of an elitist circle, whose main interface can be seen as a sonic rollercoaster ride into the deepest crypts of dedication. Challenging – this is what it is: the distance between white noise and and actually, music is a shorter track here than with, let’s name it, Supertramp. Or Barclay James Harvest. Or pop music. Or a bit more special: Indie Rock.


Charlie Don't Surf "Dripcore"



Winter " Into Darkness"

Sometimes a band is so far ahead of the times or just so original that people aren't ready for them and only years later do they get the praise they deserve. This is truly the case of Winter. Winter formed in 1988 out of the ashes of local punk bands Doomsday and Meltdown. The thriving underground music scene in NY at the time was split between NYHC, death/thrash metal and punk. Each one was separate from the other in musical style, politics (or lack thereof) and fashion. Somewhere in the middle of all that Winter arrived. At this time every band from the area were playing as fast as possible. Winter however was the complete opposite playing as slow and heavy as possible. They tuned lower than any band and their tempos crawled at a snails pace. Inspired by bands as diverse as Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Amebix, Rudimentiry Peni, King Crimson, Hawkwind, Carnivore and Discharge their combination of dark lyrics, low vocals and crushing slow tempos slowly built a following of punks metalheads and even some NYHC/crossover fans. In Long Island they would open up for the big death metal bands of the time like Sepultura and Death while also playing punk/d.i.y. /squat shows in NYC with bands like Nausea and A.P.P.L.E The band signed with Future Shock Records for the release of their debut LP Into Darkness. The album became an instant cult classic. As the years went on Winter's legacy slowly evolved from total obscurity to becoming a cult favorite who were respected around the world. Winter disbanded in 1991.




HARDCORE-PUNK. On their 3rd 7", Toronto, Canada's SCHOOL JERKS give up 6 tracks that still follow the same path as the other recordings of 1980/'81-influenced punk that crosses the line into hardcore (with some subtle rock influence), but has even grittier influences of early POISON IDEA flowing through the riffs.


EAST OF THE WALL "Ressentiment "

PROGRESSIVE-METAL/HARDCORE. From the opening track you can tell "ressentiment" isn't your standard fare. Layers upon layers of prog-ish post-metal lead to full-blown stories being told in each song. The vocals and the music meld perfectly together here, with melancholy moments immediately flipping to angry walls of guitars and then to soothing melodies while clean singing co-mingles with angry growls. There's no doubt the album is an extremely challenging listen and you've to listen to it three times before being able to put your thoughts into the words. You'll get 13 songs of intense, technical instrumental metal.



Post-Metal|Post-Rock|Sludge Metal


Julie Christmas "Coextinction Release 5 "


BIRDS OF PASSAGE "Without The World"

POST-ROCK/EXPERIMENTAL/DRONE. The influences of Alicia Merz - the woman behind BIRDS OF PASSAGE are her memories, breathless-inspiring cold winds, the smell and atmosphere of a spring day, smoking cigarettes, sunshine and shadows. As a mixture of all these elements plus a minimalistic experimental instrumentation you can describe her music: sometimes shy, sometimes more energetic but always intensely and extremly private. Vinyl is limited to 300 pieces in 3 different colors, thick gatefold sleeves, 180gr vinyl, thick 36 pages booklet including the poem collection "garden of secret".


Goes Cube " In Tides And Drifts "

In 2009, Goes Cube astounded critics in the US and Europe with their debut full-length “Another Day Has Passed.” Publications cheered the abundance of riffs and aggression pummeling through thick atmosphere, dynamic shifts, and nostalgic nods to punk, noise-rock, and hardcore. It was enough to earn the record a spot on Decibel Magazine’s list of the 40 best albums in 2009. After touring (with the likes of Helmet, Intronaut, and East of the Wall) and an acclaimed EP in 2010, Goes Cube is poised to make 2011 their biggest year yet with their second full length album entitled “In Tides And Drifts.” While most bands become more polished, and more produced, Goes Cube did away with the sheen, and opted, instead, for pure rawness. And rather than get mired down in the trends that infect the ballooning metal scene, the band went with the simple philosophy of making their heavy heavier, fast faster, hooky hookier, and pretty prettier. Listeners will also find the gorgeous voice of acclaimed folk singer, Jaymay on two of the album’s songs. Her haunting melodies break hearts as the band behind her batters eardrums. After years of touring and recording some of the most eye-opening music, Goes Cube has proven themselves to be one of the most exciting and exhilarating bands in America.




Psudoku "Space Grind"

We have received an intriguing transmission after passing through a neutrino wave. We found there to be musical compositions encoded in subspace frequencies. Our lieutenant technician extracted these compositions and re-coded them in an aural frequency. They are now being studied by various institutions. It should also be noted that these compositions strongly resemble that of an early 21st-century composer, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, of the musical sub-genre "Grindcore". I present them to you for your own evaluation.



HARDCORE. * WAREHOUSE FOUND * Some records are so singular and arresting in their power, they seem to have their own gravitational pull. This split 7" is one of these. MÖRSER from Germany shouldn't need any introduction, but perhaps do. This band is SYSTRAL's evil twin, and issues forth an brand of grinding metallic hardcore that leaves nothing standing in its wake. The 2 tracks included here are no disappointment to anyone who has heard this band before. These are on of their earlier recordings before their sound started to fade into metal. THE SWARM completely destroys with 3 tracks of suffocatingly heavy Swedish influenced hardcore. Take the heaviest breakdowns, the most brutal speed, the meanest thrash parts, the most insane vocals, and you may be able to picture out how THE SWARM sounds like



Planks - Solicit To Fall

new one-sided LP from PLANKS. It features 4 tracks from the same studio-session as "the darkest of grays" on Per Koro. Whether through driving melodies, explosive noise, or the most fragile of interludes, "solicit to fall" hits hard and resonates deeply within the listener. On the b-side you'll get an eyecatching etching.


Victims - A Dissident LP




Si no nos has escuchado aún , espera una descarga de Thrash-Metal-Punk con influencias obvias de las grandes bandas de los 80.


TUMBA SWING (monobanda)

Rogelio es un tío activo y tiene una mente muy inquieta. Como alguien diría, es un “artista polifacético”. Dale un pincel, una guitarra, dale tu brazo, un papel, lo que quieras, este hombre es capaz de convertirlo en arte. Comics, ilustración, fanzines, tatuajes, carteles, Los Tracahombres, Aullido Atómico, ex Desguace. Tumba Swing es su nueva aventura, un proyecto que abarca la revista de historieta e ilustración y este proyecto musical de mono-banda donde el buen hombre nos despacha en este EP (su primera edición) 6 temas de rockandroll infectado de country, blues contaminado de punk dentro de un garaje sónico lleno de manchas de grasa en el suelo y olor avinagrado… y desde el fondo Rogelio dando gritos con su voz desgarrada.

Y a parte nos hace el diseño del disco, como en todas las ediciones de sus otras bandas (Trahahombres, Aullido Atómico)

En una época tan mala como la que vivimos (así, en general) donde los gurús de las tendencias se fijan en un subsuelo totalmente adulterado, donde la pose parece que es lo único que vale y la modernez da otra vuelta de tuerca al “coolismo” más mongol, aquí tenemos un tío con los pies en la tierra y las mangas subidas para pringarse con lo que sea. Y de Mislata tú!


OUTRAGED “No Somos Igual"

Hardcore punk rápido y feroz, tupatupa agresivo, con voces desgarradas en castellano. En algunos momentos casi rozando el hardcore extremo, esta banda forma parte de esa floreciente escena hardcore punk cantado en castellano y de raíces latinas en Estados Unidos.


Kuato " Winter EP "

KUATO’s new Winter EP speaks to the power of hibernation for bands in a jam room. The Halifax post-rock band’s craft has surpassed whatever growing pains is usually associated with bands finding a sound to call their own, and I wouldn’t call it premature to anticipate a growing expertise in their sound as time tumbles forward. Their sound is localized in nature; the songs create sonic landscapes that could superimpose the wildest of random visuals or the rainiest of drives down coastal roads.



Broadcast Sea " Lost Generation"



Downfall Of Gaia split In The Hearts Of Emperors

CRUST-HARDCORE/DOOM. Split release between German Power Crust machine DOWNFALL OF GAIA and IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS from Sweden, a four-piece band perfectly combine different elements of Doom, Sludge & Post-Rock and give it a special touch by the emotional vocals and long instrumental-parts. A band with much potential in the footsteps of CULT OF LUNA & ENVY. LP comes in a super heavy gatefold cover and in beautiful red 180gram heavy vinyl and with a beautiful poster artwork!

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