Jello biafra and the Guantanamo school of medicine " the audacity of hype

El sonido de la banda retiene alguna característica del caótico sonido de DK mientras añaden una buena dosis del sano proto-punk de Detroit, añadiendo guitarras sónicas y ruidosas y sumando las locuras industriales de Weiss junto a percusiones metaleras.
Las canciones del álbum exploran todo lo que rodea a la sociedad y la política americana, como el estado de terror, la Iraqofobia, la impunidad policial, y la recién llegada de Obama y su falso cambio disfrazado con glamour y con cantos de sirena.


Parlamnetarisk sondomi " de anarkistiske 2009"

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI is on the loose and this vicious grindcore vigilante is poised to bring about the collapse of norways political landscape through a rampage of rear entry and sexual subjugation of its figureheads .. whilst simultaneously destroying all preconceptions of one man bands by ejaculating the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade .. parlamentarisk sodomi is the perfect amalgamation of repulsion, napalm death, insect warfare, assück, and terrorizer .. mind-blowing grindcore from scandanavia .. you will not believe that this was put together by one person.


Parlamentarisk sodomi " Regnskog fred og vegetarmat 7'' 2009

Blistering one-man grindcore from norway. you will scratch your eyeballs out when you hear this - some of the most unrelenting grindcore since INSECT WARFARE - and one man no less .. the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade .. 6 new tracks


Zilemma "Kill the loop"

Nagoya city hardcore! This is the 7 track first album by ZILEMMA formed by Keisuke(ex-MENTAL DISEASE,GIENKILLBATAI) and few ex-GIENKILLBATAI members. Intense dramatic thick rhythms & solid twin guitar assaults, quite original heavy emotional songwriting & strong japanese vocal with iron will, hot chorus! This is another hardcore fronteer shocker which you've never experienced in the past!!




A.I "the sounds of hearts"

HARDCORE. Blazing fast, frantic and furious japanese hardcore from the southernmost island of Kyushu. The a-side is the studio side of their 2000 "a hope on the concrete" album while the b-side is the 1998 7" "arming rebellion with the sound of hearts".

Nux Vomica Split The Makai


Raiser "A este eterno invierno"

Vuelven los maestros del punk acelerado. Esta vez nos obsequian por fin a los que somos fieles seguidores con un larga duración muy en la línea de su anterior single compartido con Forced March. Raiser siguen con su punk aceleradísimo y chirriante, aunque si bien en su anterior trabajo rozaban el hardcore, ahora se zambullen directamente en él.


Infame "ii ep 2009"

Segundo LP / CD de infame. Con miembros de totalickers, DISFACE 11 temas de punk rock crust que combina elementos punk más habituales de españa mezclado con eld-beat japonés con melodias y influencias punkrock crudo.



Edelweiss Piraten " Blizna "

Polish millenium Crust with roots into TRAGEDY and probably also WOLFBRIGADE. This band from Olsztyn (Poland) is around since quite many years, even released demo CD-R few years ago, but during all this time they had several personal/style changes. Now the line up is stable and they built their own sound - powerful, heavy and driving hardcorepunk with 2 guitars and mixed vocals leaded by strong and angry female voice. You can compare their sound to Tragedy, Wolfbrigade etc. but you can still get the strong polish punk influence.



Pansori " Demo 2009"

PPost hardcore, screamo, post-rock


Glasses "ST"

Banda alemana formada por integrantes de bandas conosidas como Perth Express , Trainweck, Eaves , potente hardcore con voz femenina.



Pionera banda de metal hardcore-Converge lanzará su tan esperado nuevo álbum de estudio, Considerado una de las bandas más intensas y más importantes e influyentes bandas de hardcore , Converge continuar con su evolución sin concesiones, la experimentación y la manipulación de la forma más feroz de la música con el álbum más agresivo del año, Axe To Fall.


Pelican " What We All Come To Need "

Ultimo disco de la gente de pelican8 temas de post rock instrumental.


Afterbirth "prophecy of doom "

At long last we have the hugely anticipated full length from Montreal´s AFTER THE BOMBS (members of HELLBOUND, KONTEMPT and ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM). What you have here are five epic late 80´s style crust-metal anthems (to the likes of SACRILEGE meets the metal redeaux ENGLISH DOGS) with raging female vocals and angry political lyrics. The gatefold sleeve is completely adorned with new Marald artwork that includes a variation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse theme on the outside and a crest of skulls on the inside that pays homage to classic DISCHARGE and AXEGRINDER imagry.

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