Regicidio - Tras El Pasamontañas

Desde Toledo nos llega esta apisonadora punk crust, con voz femenina al frente, todo una declaración de buenas intenciones este segundo trabajo de la banda. El trabajo contiene 8 temes, una de ellas una versión de Kärnvapen Attack, canciones duras que van directas a la llugular, sin tonterias.

Deymos Ep‏

Hardcore / Metal from Madrid, Spain

Momentum - Herbivore


Back Again - Street Justice Demo‏

80's US Oldschool Hardcore influenced by all the early bands on Revelation, Schism, X-Claim, Dischord Records, the early Agnostic Front stuff as well as some bands from the 97 "revival".

Wayne Split Neila

LP compartido entre los vascos NEILA donde mantienen esa intensidad y oscuridad que ya lograron en su anterior LP "Danza de nieblas" pero añadiendo más dinamismo a sus canciones, lo que aporta punto positivo más a los muchos que ya tiene esta banda.

Y los Cántabros Wayne, en lo que es su tercera referencia. Una base de Post Metal aderezada tanto con elementos más propios del rock actual como con riffs influenciados por el Metal extremo.





Jon has created a monster with Dödsvarg. 
Using the old guitar and that computer, he creates music entirely on his own terms. Total System Collapse. Fuck! is the first of two planned digital releases during the winter of 2012/2013.
Total System Collapse. Fuck! will also be released as a limited edition 7" vinyl together with the American label Rigid Records.
Punk, HC, noise rock, metal and industrial? No matter what the music sounds like, one thing is certain and that is that the winter is going to be shit.



HARDCORE. The brainchild of BOY SETS FIRE vocalist Nathan Gray, I AM HERESY's sound is an eruption channeling the passionate hardcore fury of early BOY SETS FIRE, streaked ferociously down the middle with the metallic-tinged influences of fellow hardcore giants INTEGRITY and CONVERGE.


Amenra - live 2012

Oaken-The Hunter

The Hunter 
And you are still wondering... And you are still wondering how these hands are able to do such things? And you are still wondering how these arms can reach heaven? Become a tree! Limbs like roots. Find this state and defend it at all cost. My skin is cortex, the eyes are thorns. A tree can never back down from a worldly thing. Eat less. Don't move. Even breathe less. "We'll hunt those folks. Old songs don't sing about this, Son. Boiling them alive raw in the haze. We'll hunt every men, women and children as far as the eyes can see." We have heard the hunter from miles but this time we won't go the other way. This time we will fight like trees and never change a bit. "I do not know any God. I need no aim to destroy everything.



DRONE/NOISE-ROCK. The phoenix has risen once again in a new shape and form. This time as a two-headed beast. The adjustment from trio to duo has been perfected over the course of the last 3 years and this album is the fruit of that labor. SWITCHBLADE is taking one big step forward and two steps backward. SWITCHBLADE plunges into an array of different dynamics. Always ebbing and flowing. This time joined by OPETH, CLUTCH/CANDLEMASS, TERRA TENEBROSA, KONGH and KATATONIA members.



Feast of Tentacles & King of the Monsters have teamed up to release the upcoming split between MOLOCH/CLOSURE. This intense 7 inch is up for pre-order HERE & HERE. So what happens when you buy this record? Well, your brain will be violently pounded and dragged through a sonic shitstorm for ten minutes! If you don’t believe me, we are streaming the full MOLOCH/CLOSURE split below!


ÀBrasa - Osso

OSSO! is the result of the experiences lived during the band their first steps. Only four, "do it yourself" hammering on the head. Recorded by Diego Xavier, Wasabi Studio, and mixed / mastered by Gabriel Zander, Superfuzz Studio in Rio de Janeiro. Guest singers:Victor Fransciscon (Bullet Bane), Quique Brown (Leptospirose), Milton Aguiar (Bayside Kings), Bernardo and Vinicius (Malvina).

SEDATIVE -Viceroton

SEDATIVE is a french death/grind band from France that was created in 2000 by two guitarists, Nico and Rico, and with the help of a rhythm box they played a fast and sharp grind / death.

After some changes the lineup evolved and is now complete with Nico on the guitar, Bertrand on the drums, Yan on the bass, Fred on the second guitar and vocals by Vinz. The new members, have brought their own personal touches and influences, giving Sedative its trademark: brutal, death, grind and groove!
Two albums, “Inconscience” released in 2005 and “Lobocaïne” in 2009, and three EP's, “Déviance Malsaine” (2003), “Ictus” (2007) and “Viceroton” (2011) are available. The third album, a result of the evolution of the band from its creation, is to be released in 2013.
The band shared the stage in many places including the Cuba Brutal Fest in 2010, the Usine in Geneva, Brise Glace, Château Rouge, and with many bands including, GADGET, MUMAKIL, KNUT, THE ARRS, GENERAL SURGERY, DAGOBA, DEFEATED SANITY, GORGASM, COMBAT NOISE, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY...


District- III


Barlow - Vol.1 EP (Halifax, Nova Scotia - dark hardcore/thrash)‏

Avalanche - Thanatos 7

we are avalanche from vienna, austria. we play hardcore with a strong tendency towards stoner and doom metal. our main influences are (besides some hardcore bands) black sabbath, sleep, pentagram etc. we are a band since 2010.
in april 2010, we released our "among beasts demo" by ourselves and in june this year, our debut 7'' called "thanatos" has been released on green menace records from sweden and worship records from germany. DOWNLOAD

INCRÜST-A Hate Named Revolt

INCRÜST is a Crust/HxC band from Geneva/CH with members of MUMAKIL, SEDATIVE and BURNING FLESH. Founded in 2010 by Fred (SEDATIVE) and Pipo, the band plays a mix of crust, Hxc, grind and metal inluenced by bands like DISFEAR, WOLFBRIGADE, TRAGEDY, DISRUPT...


Monks of Mellonwah - Stars are Out

Bio (excerpted from reverbnation.com/monksofmellonwah):
Winner of the award for Best Indie Rock Band at the Artists In Music Awards in Los Angeles and nominated for Best International Act at the LA Music Awards, the Monks of Mellonwah are entering some very exciting times.  A four-piece alternative rock and indie band based in Sydney, the Monks draw on the depth and variety of influences driving each member to create a fresh and unique sound, blending elements of classic blues & rock in Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Chili Peppers with more recent sounds including Muse. Their first E.P., Stars Are Out, is testament to such a unique blend, and has been highly praised since its release in 2010.

The Barrens

This is the full-length debut album by NYC Psych-Rock group the Barrens.

Radio Fallout - Mondegreen EP

In less than two years Radio Fallout went from being a brand new alternative rock act in the vein of  Weezer, the Toadies and Nirvana to headlining festivals, signing publishing deals, touring the Midwest, and playing the premier venues in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas.

In the wake of the worldwide economic collapse at the end of 2008 Caleb Scates decided to quit his job in Cincinnati Ohio and drive across country in a car leaking brake fluid and coolant to form an alternative rock band in Austin, Texas. Weeks after the move Scates met Jonathan Palmer and Dan Walker who migrated to Austin to pursue music 2003. The trio rehearsed vigorously through the beginning of 2009 and played their first show at the end of April. The cooler fall months saw the group set out to record their first collection of songs at Wonderland Studios in south Austin. The Mondegreen EP was released in March of 2010 and produced by Tim ‘Tank’ Casterline and Radio Fallout.

Post Death Soundtrack - Music as Weaponry

Post Death Soundtrack is the antithesis of today's "the new dumb" music culture, creating thought-provoking music by weaving electronic, industrial, pop and rock sounds. Reflections of Darkness calls them "by no means music for simple minds", and Side-line.com calls their sound "indefinable". Currently a 4-piece, the band is Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, Jon Ireson and Colin Everall. Post Death Soundtrack takes influence from the likes of The Beatles, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie and Dead Can Dance. Style is less important than mood as they strive to encourage thought and communication on a deep level.

On September 16, 2008 Post Death Soundtrack released their debut full length album entitled "Music as Weaponry". "Music as Weaponry" was recorded by the projects two founders, Kenneth Buck and Steve Moore. Since the release of "Music as Weaponry", the band has garned top reviews from publications such as Industrial.org, Side-line Magazine and Sphere Magazine, who called the CD "a chaotic concoction of crossover madness", adding "this is the soundtrack to your escape from the average".  Their popular cover of Dead Can Dance's "Anywhere Out Of The World" gained the band a fanbase in Europe.

2010 saw Post Death Soundtrack releasing their "Ultraviolence" video, which was directed by Jeevin Johal and featured on Blank TV and MusicHype.com. They also previewed new music (with originals "Little Alice" and "Our Time Is Now" reaching thousands of listeners via YouTube) and opened for acts such as Front Line Assembly and Ivardensphere. Currently the band is busy working on two albums and new material for digital release in 2011 and 2012.  One is planned to contain remixes and covers, while the other will be all original material.

The Unravelling - 13 Arcane Hymns

The first noticeable thing about Move Forward Until You Are Dead, the opening track of 13 Arcane Hymns, is how different it is. This is not your father’s heavy metal. Not quite doom metal, not quite death metal, not quite Rob Zombie, The Unravelling are a hard rocking band from Canada. What’s the most unique part about this band? There are only two members.

Gustavo De Beauville handled all the music and musical arrangements while Steve Moore took care of all the vocals and lyrics. For this album, they recruited studio engineer Casey Lewis to play drums, and he did a fine job.



EndAnd -Adventures of Fi in Space

Brooklyn indie rock/punk trio EndAnd have announced the release of “Adventures of Fi in Space”, a summation of two EP’s showcasing both polished studio and DIY recordings. The band’s unusually gritty sound has earned them recommendations on influential music blogs such as Large Hearted Boy and Those Who Dig and comparisons to acts like Cloud Nothings and Helmet. 


The Lowest-EP

The Lowest - hardcore/punk band from Warsaw, Poland.‏


From Ashes Rise - Rejoice The End Age Of Sanity 7

The return of crust-punks From Ashes Rise has a lot of people salivating – understandable for the comeback of one of the central groups in the genre’s revival in the 1990s and 2000s, a time that saw the band alongside luminaries like His Hero is Gone and Tragedy redefine the sound. Can this split single, their first material in nine years, deliver the goods? The answer, quite frankly, is still out there.

Yes, it’s all quite melodic and rightfully carries somewhat of a celebratory air, but it might be seen as landing a little on the punk side of things and that might alienate somewhat a generation of newer heavy fans, especially those reared on the bleak, low-end-laden serration Southern Lord has specialised in gifting to the world. The A-side, Rejoice the End, is a strident romp that past all the downtuned chugging and lyrical grandeur, is quite straightforward. That said, though, it is possessed of the riff, and cheesy or not, there’s a certain drive to it befitting of a great drinking song, or similarly, a battle anthem for war-torn old punx. Rage of Sanity, on the other hand, is a heads-down punk-rock, strictly precision and built on a snarling bluesy chord progression more reminiscent of a more jovial Motorhead.


Lay It On The Line - A Lesson In Personal Finance

This is our follow up EP to 'Midnight In The Bellagio', our debut demo EP. It is about the old headteacher from Mike and Matt's school - he was murdered by a rentboy, who he owed money to. The rentboy broke in to his house, robbed him and killed him.

No cure - Broken lives

Burn Everything -Hollow Victory

"Progressive post-hardcore? Dillinger / Burnt By the Sun-esque mathcore? Some other ultimately meaningless label? Beats me… how about just “good”? Burn Everything even introduce elements like elephants marching riffs, Morbid Angel pick scrapes and relentless double-bass pounding you don’t normally hear from bands that fall on the more hardcore side of the spectrum. A true melding of hardcore and metal that isn’t — gasp — “metalcore.” These guys get my vote for sure."


COWARDS - Shooting Blanks And Pills

“Gathering parisians with an already strong pedigree in dark and heavy music, COWARDS regurgitates gutter hardcore, unhealthy sludge/doom and nauseous black metal in “Shooting Blanks And Pills”, their deeply raw and anxiogenic debut release. Only six months were needed to give birth to this full-length, monstrosity with a desperate urban feeling, bridge between the knife-in-the-heart crudeness of Eyehategod or Kickback and the majestic darkness of bands like Deathspell Omega or Thou. With a sound carrying smells of pissy streets and the dry blood you get for a sidelong glance, producer Francis Caste have perfectly catched the gist of these 38 minutes, recreating this forced apnea in a bile tank with a no frills approach.”

Cowards features current and ex-members of Sickbag, Death Mercedes, Hangman’s Chair, Eibon, Glorior Belli, Dacast, Colossus of Destiny…

Burning Love- Rotten thing to say

For those of you who don’t know, Burning Love is the newish project from former Cursed front man Chris Colohan. The band’s first LP, Songs For Burning Lovers was a powerful if lo-fi example of the storm that was to come. Now, with the full force of Southern Lord Records behind them, Burning Love have unleashed an album that is the bastard son of hardcore, punk, metal and groove rock. With that much musical semen swimming through the veins of an album it could easily become a mess of ideas that fail in execution. Rotten Thing To Say avoids this because Colohan and his band (former members of Our Father) know the secret to any great album is the ability to write a song.
Rotten Thing To Say has a groovy intro, one that lulls you into a false sense of security. The intro comes across like an extended seventies groove rock bridge. The drums and bass keeps the head bobbin’ going while the guitars play off of thick riffage and a sweet solos. Right when you think Burning Love have decided to turn out a stoner album, the band sneaks up behind you with the crowbar of “No Love”. The song absolutely pummels you into submission but not with some tepid Mach 5 speed riff, it does it with a swing to it. The riff here is a rocker but played so dirty and so grim that it becomes an assault.


ADRIFT-Black Heart Bleeds Black

Black Heart Bleeds Black', ADRIFT alcanzan su cénit compositivo, con una claridad de ideas en el desarrollo de los nuevos temas que refleja su impresionante capacidad para provocar emoción. Con temas rozando los 10 minutos, interludios instrumentales y unas temas perfectamente estructurados, ADRIFT han compuesto una obra monumental de metal contemporáneo. ADRIFT son el mejor ejemplo de que el talento no necesita de una gran promoción para ser reconocido. Antes de haber debutado con un disco oficial, la banda ya se había convertido, sin ningún tipo de dudas, en una de las bandas más respetadas del país. La evolución del grupo ha sido constante y, han ido ganando adeptos principalmente a partir del boca a boca, derivado de sus más que apabullantes directos. Para muchos, son la banda más aplastante que se puede encontrar dentro de nuestras fronteras en los sonidos pesados hoy en día. Su música ha sido comparada con bandas tan dispares como Neurosis, Coalesce, Kyuss, Sonic Youth, Tool, Darkthrone o Iron Monkey. Tras una demo y un single anteriores, fue con la edición de su MCD “Troya” ( 2005), cuando la banda empezó a despertar un creciente interés fuera de los círculos más underground. Su despegue definitivo se produjo con la edición del split ‘Waterloo’ (2006), en el que aparecían aportando 2 temas inéditos junto a varias de las bandas más importantes del metal estatal: Moksha, Another Kind Of Death y Moho. La enorme repercusión a nivel mundial obtenida por dicho split, supuso el espaldarazo definitivo para la banda. Durante este tiempo, la banda ha estado tocando incansablemente, compartiendo cartel, entre otras, con bandas como Cult Of Luna, Yaphet Koto, Moksha, Moho, Wolves in the throne Room, El Páramo o Machetazo. Finalmente, en 2008 ve la luz su esperadísimo álbum de debut “Monolito”, un disco que marcó un antes y un después para ellos y demostró, si no estaba lo suficientemente claro ya, que Adrift son una de las mejores bandas de Europa. Con su nuevo album ' Black Heart Bleeds Black' , grabado de nuevo con Carlos Santos en Sadman Estudios y masterizado por James Plotkin, ADRIFT pueden presumir de haber conseguido un sonido absolutamente demoledor. ' Mallet Man' ha sido elegido como 'single' del nuevo trabajo, y sobre el que se prepara el video clip de presentación, una obra de metal sin fisuras, y uno de los temás más destacados del nuevo disco. El nuevo trabajo es una nueva vuelta de tuerca en el sonido de la banda. Suenan actuales en 'The Soldier of My Words' y suenan clásicos en 'Black Heart Bleeds Black', tocando las teclas de lo que significa componer una imponente canción de metal del siglo XXI bajo las reglas de ADRIFT. El disco tiene tan buenas canciones que se permiten el lujo de cerrar con una joya como 'Long Nails', con un emocionante comienzo de arpegios distorsionados. ADRIFT estarán de gira desde el próximo mes de Abril presentando los temas de 'Black Heart Bleeds Black' por todo el territorio nacional.


Hombre Malo Split Desert Icons

2 bands together in the same split and united for thei past days into Ictus. Hombre malo presents 4 new songs of sludge doom hardcore as they always did and including ex members of Sons of saturn, Ictus, This thing called dying and member snow in Okkultokrati. Desert Icons are in the same vein, not far away from Cementerio from Valencia, that means sludge rockin'core with ex members of Ictus too, and now in El Ego.



The Kingdom Of Spirit es un homenaje a todo lo grande que nos dio el rock y el hard rock de la década de los 70, facturado con una pasión, respeto y buen gusto para quitarse el sombrero. No esperéis sin embargo un simple copia-pega de influencias, sino más bien la invocación del espíritu de toda una época a cargo de unos músicos con el talento necesario para hacer suyos los resortes de los diferentes libros de estilo que acompañaron el nacimiento del rock pesado. Partiendo de las dos grandes bandas de referencia en cuanto a rock de elevado octanaje se refiere, Black Sabbath y Blue Cheer, Saturna despliegan toda una serie de virtudes que van más allá de la pesadez y la saturación de graves, siendo capaces de pasearse por terrenos como la psicodelia, el proto-heavy y el doom añejo a través de un viaje que sorpresivamente suena lleno de frescura. Y por encima de todo una filosofía que eleva un altar al dios del riff como fuerza motriz de todas las composiciones, como andamiaje de una edificación que sin embargo no se queda simplemente en el golpear robusto y también sabe elevar el vuelo con gracia lisérgica. Sobre la primera virtud, es imposible no sonreír de puro placer al escuchar la cadencia hipnótica de joyas como Seven Magic Spells (mi favorita indiscutible) o Master Of The Secrets Arts (que por momentos me recuerda a los Soundgarden del Badmotorfinger), sabbathicas a más no poder y reminiscentes también de titanes del heavy-doom como Pentagram y Saint Vitus. Saturna saben también insuflar energía y vitalidad a sus composiciones, algo que demuestran en las hard rockeras Mountain Woman Ritual y Morning Star, llenas de travesuras guitarreras con las que te será imposible dejar de mover los pies, así como unos solos preñados del vulcanismo primario y abrasador que tan grande hizo a Hendrix. La psicodelia interviene en The Kingdom Of The Spirit como compañera espiritual más que carnal, supeditada a una idea clara de anteponer el concepto de "canción" sobre todo lo demás, aunque jugando el papel esencial de vestir los 8 cortes del disco con ropajes de evocación onírica, de raíces terrenales pero mirada fija en el cosmos. Tan sólo en la final The Hermes Stone rompe sus cadenas materiales, creando antes de alejarse un corte lleno de preciosa melancolía y dejándonos con la duda de si todo lo que acabamos de vivir ha sido tan sólo un sueño entre surcos de vinilo.

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