HARDCORE. This is the deebut 7" of this young Barcelona band. You'll get 6 tracks of ultra agressive hardcore that will fit right in between other Barcelona acts such as SIBERIA or early INVASION. Fast and sharp energy bursts with manic drumming and no time to waste. The whole 7" clocks at 5min., divide that by 6 songs and you get an idea.


Fistula" Goat "

Ohio is rotting. Fistula once again team up with Crucial Blast to deliver another heavy dose of their septic, filthy, lumbering death-sludge in the form of Goat, a five-song Ep of low-fi and low-end nihilistic filth and rabies-laced caveman thrash with songs based on the ghoulish discovery and subsequent investigation of the eleven decomposing bodies found in the Cleveland home of Anthony Sowell in the Autumn of 2009. This new disc delivers more of the pulverizing, slime-covered sludge and primitive death metal rot that these Buckeye barbarians have been carving out in the back of Medina garages over the past ten years, continuing to follow in the coagulated blood tracks of Frost, Autopsy and Winter, but filtered through Fistula's uniquely mangled and inebriated scum-haze and utterly negatory worldview.


OSMOSIS is a solo project of Mika (member from Third Worlds Mourning), based in the concept of different atmospheres in the realms of brutal death metal. After several months, 4 songs were made, all with different feelings but linked in the lyrics department, for they tread upon similar subjects like agnosticism, theology and war.

The style is US brutal death metal but open to European influences too. In December 2009, Mika got in touch with two musicians which he hopes will help him to fulfill his project:

On the one hand, Peluki from Requiem for Belial, who took part in the drum programming and sound engineering.

On the other hand Koko from Third Worlds Mourning as well, helped to set some vocals for the recording. Osmosis whises to release a 4-track demo as soon as possible in the D.I.Y. way. If any distro is interested in spreading the noise feel free to contact me : www.myspace.com/osmosis666

In the meantime there is no wish to play any gig as Osmosis is a solo project helped by other musicians; Should we have to make it live in the future, auditions will be announced. Meanwhile, ENJOY OSMOSIS!!!!!!!.


BATTLE "Closer Further "

Gainesville's BATTLE has been extensively touring for the last couple years - gaining a reputation for wild live shows full of blistering fast singalong anthems while keeping a hardworking d.i.y. ethic. "closer/further" shows BATTLE expanding their songwriting with a more brooding dark and heavy sound while staying true to their fast paced punk roots in the vein of COMEBACK KID, MODERN LIFE IS WAR. Colored 7" includes digital download.



AGAINST ME "White Crosses"

Is as powerful and as bold a rock record as one can imagine. Some tracks could be outtakes from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's classic "born to run", some are slow-jam's that would make Paul Westerberg blush, while "high pressure low" is BILLY IDOL meets fellow Gainesville native TOM PETTY.



Blackstomr "Rise rebel seers"

Blackstorm are five musicians from Brighton playing the heaviest of rock music. Deftly combining elements of drone, stoner, down-tuned sludge with classic rock and the vitality of hardcore and punk, Blackstorm combines crushingly heavy, catchy-ashell riffs with juggernaut proportioned rhythmic grooves and killer hook laden vocals.

Blackstorm take their musical cues from heavy weights such as Crowbar and High On Fire, but are no mere carbon-copyists. The quality of material on display here is a testament to the collective experience of the five musicians.

Eschewing the trappings of the contemporary scene, Blackstorm is a throwback to a time when music was created intuitively, without the self-conscious fashion driven posturing and cynical second-guessing that seems to be inextricably linked to today’s breed of bands.

Having met in late ’06 the five piece quickly realized that they had met musical kindred spirits in each other, and immediately started exchanging ideas. Fast forward to the summer of ‘09 and Blackstorm have played local shows with the likes of Cancer Bats, Kruger, Miramar Disaster, Johnny Truant and have recorded half a dozen killer songs.

Blackstorm aren’t re-inventing the wheel and wouldn’t claim to be, but make no mistake, they have fitted some damn fine chrome hubcaps and are hell bent on keeping the wheels of rock turning.



Conan Horseback "Battle Hammer"

DOOM-METAL. "horseback battle hammer" is the debut album of UK's hammering power-trio CONAN! Comprised of 4 long and crushing tracks that were recorded at Wales' Foel Studio (Hawkwind, Electric Wizard, Godflesh, Amon Duul, etc.). CONAN's sound is ultra-low doom-metal as you've probably heard few times before. Mixed with a very distinctive way of singing which completes the band`s own captivating style. The artwork has been taken care by Tony Roberts (Electric Wizard, Unearthly Trance, Cathedral, etc.).



BLOODY PANDA es una meseta escalofriante con sus lamentos desafiando a la muerte-, un cruce entre el lamento y la ópera.



Todo el mundo envuelto en una misma sombría de odio y desesperación.
La pesadez sofocante de sus fuciones de música de cualquier manera - que puede ser el centro de sus peores pesadillas o la conexión a todos los lugares oscuros donde no quiero volver a ir.

01. Black Shape Of Nexus - VIIIe (22:00)
02. Kodiak - Town of Machine (16:48)


Bersarin Quartett - Bersarin Quartett

POST-ROCK/AMBIENT. Con algunos discos , uno se da cuenta a los pocos segundos que aquí se a encontrado algo realmente especial . Es la musica que te toca de inmediato. Maravillosas piezas de orquestas llenas de nostalgia y melancolía. Y es que cierto tipo de melancolía que se apodera cuando se siguen los créditos finales de una película emocionalmente conmovedora, al recordar momentos especiales que se han desvanecidos en el curso de muchos años y permanecen vagamente en la memoria, un sentimiento de fracaso y desesperanza, sino una reflexió agridulce.

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