KOKOMO if wolves

INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. With their 2nd album and 3rd release KOKOMO from Duisburg, Germany, prove that instrumental music doesn’t have to be boring. Heartrending melodies and a fascinating atmosphere touch the listeners’ hearts. A must have for all fans of MONO, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY and THIS WILL DESTROY YOU.



THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE "Fools WIll Crush The Crown"

This french outfit plays some blackened mathcore who can be compared to bands like Celeste, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Shora, The Secret or The Chariot. We will release their upcoming debut album (mastered by Alan Douches - Converge, Mastodon...) on 12" late august (corelease w/Douchebag Records) but pre-orders are already available (12" only, w/CD included exclusively with pre-orders)



Khann Eroded

POST-HARDCORE. KHANN has an unabashed, frenetic vibe reminiscent of the un-bastardized roots of the '90s screamo genre. At its softest, there are shades of THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES and FUGAZI, and at the most intense, there are similarities to MASTODON or the cleaner moments of CONVERGE.



SQRM white saints

HARDCORE-PUNK.This is the debut 7" single from SQRM. "white saints" contains 3 crushing new tracks from these Western weirdos. Side-a contains the 7" version of "white stain" (which will be featured on the upcoming "rodeo" LP on Youth Attack), and another exclusive track. The b-side is a haunting and disorienting rendition of JEFFEROSN AIRPLANE "white rabbit".


AGAINST ME russian spies

INDIE-PUNK. Florida based AGAINST ME is excited to announce its brand new 2 song 7". Recorded at the storied Smart Studios in Madison, prior to its closing, "russian spies", "occult enemies" will be released via Sabot.



ESTRICALLA fueggos olimpicos

Raw Nerves LP

Book of Black Earth - The Cold Testament

Book of Black Earth returns with their third full length album, the Cold Testament, 8 songs confidently moving between influences ranging from Swedish death metal to nwobhm to Brazilian thrash to dbeat crust. This time around the keyboards are noticeably absent, turning it into a more guitar driven relentless massacre. The crystal clear production was provided internationally with Chris Common tracking in Seattle then mixed and mastered by Dan Swano in Sweden. As always, Book of Black Earth features ex and current members of Skarp, Teen Cthulhu, Splatterhouse, and Samothrace.



PALA we don't exist

PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. PALA's debut LP is a creative recipe loaded with hypnotic echos, chaotic drumming, and outbursts of huge stoner riffs blended with delicate musical passages and topped off by three distinct vocalists. Featuring Chris Kuhns of PULLING TEETH and HATEWAVES, this is heavy music for nerds, by nerds. The style doesn't stray too far from the technical sounds of CONVERGE, KYLESA, or early MASTODON.


SERAPHIM the light in the distance

PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. SERAPHIM's ambitious debut LP perfectly balances super heavy, droning riffs, somber moments of experimentation and vocals that go from gruff to clean without ever losing their sense of melody along the same lines as early MASTODON, BARONESS, and NEUROSIS - completely epic.



PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. The 4th studio album from PULLING TEETH sees the band once again deliver fast, metallic hardcore with their normal dose of wailing guitar solos and guest musicianship provided by members of GEHENNA, HAYMAKER, SKIN LIKE IRON and others. PULLING TEETH showed a side of them that was previously untouched by dabbling in a more doom-like, sludge sound ala SLEEP. Their recent split with IRONS only further saw PULLING TEETH experiment with that very same sound. On "funerary", PULLING TEETH have come full circle and have made an album that goes further than simply surpassing expectations and shoots them into the realms of legends.



Monarch Sortilège

Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal

Morne Asylum

PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. Entitled "asylum", this Boston contingent have been known (in their somewhat-short career) to create some of the heaviest, most absorbing, and overwhelming sounds in heavy music. Sounds that mirror the vibe bands like NEUROSIS had back in their "souls at zero" days. It didnt take long for MORNE to become a notable force within the modern-day crust and hardcore-punk movement. Nonetheless, "asylum" is MORNE's heaviest, most atmospheric and cinematic sonic offering to date. While still maintaining the bands crust, hardcore, and post-metal leanings, "asylum" sees the band delve more into genres such as progressive-metal and prog-rock.



mnttaB - Vaphorizer EP

The follow up to last years "shiny stones and Miracles" is a 3 track affair which sees the melbourne based collectives songs nudging past the 3 minute mark for the first time ever into epic rock anthem territory. or not....

Lead track "bad things" is a floor rattling slice of death-disco, "grayscaled" introduces suffolks queen of grime Elloise Battles on vocals and the third track "we who waste" is another of the signature arhythmic, discordant core dumps that the mnttaB reputation rests on.




SCREAMO-HARDCORE. "hours" is 22min. of pure heartful and passionated emotional screamo-violence that should delight fans of the late '90s as well as current bands like RAEIN, LOMA PRIETA or COMADRE.


FRANK TURNER england keep my bones

SINGER/SONGWRITER. FRANK TURNER has established himself as one of the premier UK singer/songwriters. "england keep my bones" is a record of heartfelt anthems in the same vein as AGAINST ME, BILLY BRAGG, and THE HOLD STEADY.


LASTING TRACES old hearts break in isolation

HARDCORE. The debut full-length from LASTING TRACES is a phenomenal achievement. "old hearts break in isolation" is a massive progression from the songs featured on their split with WAY DOWN. From start to finish everything fits together with effortless fluidness. "old hearts break in isolation" breath fresh air in the modern hardcore scene. This album showcases passion for music, pure emotion and some excellent songwriting skills.



POWER-VIOLENCE. On "worthless", WEEKEND NACHOS display some of the most technical, thrashing moments of unadulterated power-violence, as well as the thickest, most crushing riffs heard from them yet. What makes them even better is the schizophrenic weaving of these 2 styles that the group so swiftly pulls off. Some tracks demonstrate this with perfection, transitioning unexpectedly from ominous guitar chugs into a fast array of d-beats and a mix of high-pitched screams and classic WEEKEND NACHOS vocals.


EXTORTION degenerate

HARDCORE. EXTORTION’s full-length from 2007 is now re-released. Australia’s EXTORTION offer up 19 tracks of hard hiting hardcore. Fast, brutal and to the point hardcore that can also slow down with great slow parts. Comparable to classic Slap A Ham stuff like NO COMMENT, LACK OF INTEREST or early Boston bands, like NEGATIVE FX or even SIEGE. The CD features 2 bonus tracks that weren’t on the vinyl version for a total of 21 tracks.



JESUIT discography

HARDCORE. JESUIT were an unrelenting, noisy hardcore band from Virginia Beach, who existed from the mid to late '90s and featured Nate Newton who would go on to join CONVERGE, OLD MAN GLOOM, and DOOMRIDERS and Brian Benoit who later joined THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. This discography includes everything in reverse chronological order, which totals 12 tracks, as well as plenty of photos, lyrics and essays from friends and peers.



PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. What do we know about TERRA TENEBROSA? Well - apart from the fact it features ex-members of Swedish band BREACH. From first pulse of noise to final sudden punch of silence, "the tunnels" is a stunning masterpiece of musicianship. Deep, dark, ethereal and full of sonic menace, it strips you bare and naked of all security, and you are left cold and ravaged in a world where they make all the rules and you are at their every mercy. It is not unrelentingly heavy, indeed, what it has in spades and uses to maximum assault is a mastery of music as a weapon, the beats build and build and build and you fall into the peaks and troughs being created and are soon lost in a landscape of ambient, perfectly crated darkwave soundcreation that is as brilliant written as it is performed. The vinyl version of this fantastic album contains an exclusive bonus track.


AS WE DRAW lines breakig circles

POST-HARDCORE/METAL. AS WE DRAW is a french band developing an intense, powerful and violent music, an avant-garde musical output, based on texts in relation with the artwork. As if you haven't had enough of these ISIS, CULT OF LUNA clones, with their so-called cheesy parts and badass cathartic sonic explosions. Of course, one can wonder about the relevence of playing some post-hardcore and metal. But when it's done with such talent, such faith as these 3 young guys from AS WE DRAW, either you take your hat off to them, or either your heart is made of dog food. Packed in an incredible eyecatching selfmade cover with screen- and spraypaintings.


Enablers " Blown Realms & Stalled Explosions"

Their new release finds Enablers evolving even more than before. By bringing in new drummer Doug Scharin (Codeine, June Of 44, Mice Parade, HiM among others) the record's textural and evocative sound realizes a new direction while maintaining the distinct elements of musicianship and imagination that made the previous releases so engaging. Since the 2004 release of their first LP, End Note (Neurot Recordings), Enablers have established a new direction in spoken word music. The prose and poetry of Pete Simonelli is intricately woven into the dynamic interplay of guitarists Joe Goldring and Kevin Thomson, and punctuated by the compulsive and precise drumming of Doug Scharin. Musically, the compositions range from melodic minimalism to heavy, rhythmically challenging thickets of sound. "Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions" is a record that simply is a great listen to.


The Hollowmen "Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man


Deathrite demo 2011


WHITE WALLS the milk of a lonely man/lady parts

HARDCORE-PUNK. Debut 7" from Cincinnati's WHITE WALLS. They pulls influence from "damaged"-era BLACK FLAG, and from noise-rock pioneers such as THE JESUS LIZARD, to create their own unique hybrid of noisy demented hardcorte-punk. This release is limited to 400 copies, and all copies come housed in hand-assembled glue pocket covers.




HARDCORE. Ex-members of DING DONG DEAD and members of RESSURECTIONISTS playing raging brutal and heavy hardcore that combines atmospheric instrumental part with chaotic metallic doomy breakdonws - somewhere between HIS HERO IS GONE, TITAN and FURNACE

CRUST-METAL. ACEPHALIX from San Francisco started in 2008. They have evolved their sound from it's crust roots after a demo, a 7" and a full-length on Prank Records. What you hear on "interminable night" is a devastating death-metal outburst raised on their crust-hardcore past. Early '90s US death-metal is what comes 1st to mind but indulging more on power rather than speed. "interminable night" was originally released as 2 different demo releases.


DOOM-METAL. Spain heavy avant-doom masters ORTHODOX' 4th album, back to the roots, a heavy-metal album in the heavy tradition. The new ORTHODOX album moves again towards a search of spirituality and the sense of innovation that is part of their music. The album is composed by 5 tracks in which the band shows the improvements of the experience gained in their previous recordings. The band explores its roots to leave behind the search for alterations in their musical language and the emerging psychedelic and progressive atmospheres that appeared in their previous work "sentencia". ORTHODOX stills a long way on the path of musical experimentation and research


REVIVER potential wasteland

HARDCORE. Salt Lake City's own REVIVER follow up their now out-of-print debut full-length with a 7 track effort of melodic hardcore with a dark, experimental side in the same vein as MODFERN LIFE IS WAR, and early REFUSED. Features guest vocals by Derek of DEFEATER.


22 PISTEPIRKKO lime green delorean

INDIE-ROCK. The Finnish veteran rockers 22 PISTEPIRKKO are back from the woods with a new album. They're best swimming the swampy blues rawk pool, while humming their trademark, sugar-coated pop-songs, blended with electronica oddities. It's not that everything they touch turns into gold, but if the world has been a more fair place, 22 PISTEPIRKKO would have been a more recognized and cherished act. Just like THE WHITE STRIPES all of a sudden became - using the exact same formula as the one 22 PISTEPIRKKO had been distilling, refining for years.


ART BRUT brilliant! tragic!

INDIE-ROCK. "brilliant! tragic!" is their newest album, and like the former album it was produced by the legendary Black Francis of the Pixies. "brilliant! tragic!" will give you a singing/mumbling slacker attitude with sawdust in the gearbox, verbosely funny lyrics, and cover artwork by Image comic book artist Jamie McKelvie.


FIREBIRD double diamond

PSYCHEDLLIC-METAL. Founding members of CARCASS and NAPALM DEATH are back with their latest offering. FIREBIRD's "double diamond", the bands 6th album, is by far the most hard-hitting yet. Certainly their heaviest outing to date; theres no stopping when it comes to effortlessly delivering the goods in true organic style!


DRAINLAND and so our troubles began

HARDCORE. DRAINLAND hail from Ireland and play some seriously ugly and heavy Hardcore. This sounds like it would be some weird gem from the mid '90s with the eerie unorthodox playing, the eerie buildups and hoarse vocals that give it a distant mean sound. The lyrics create pictures of unease and discomfort. This draws from many elements of the hardcore lexicon and puts them together to craft something that doesn't sound like anything else, but rings true.


BRING ME THE HORIZON "suicide season·

METALCORE. BRING ME THE HORIZON are 5 young British lads with a fondness for all things heavy. "suicide season", BRING ME THE HORIZON's sophomore album, recorded in Sweden with legendary producer Frederik Nordstrom (At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir). Filled with massive riffs, erratic time signatures, tempo changes, immense vocals and shredding solos, "suicide season" is a perfect soundtrack to a life spent on the edge


BRING ME THE HORIZON "count your blessing"

METALCORE. UK metal crew BRING ME THE HORIZON prepare to make their mark on the worldwide scene with "count your blessings". This full-length is a dark, horiffic yet fantastic experience throughout 10 tracks which will make your ears bleed. All in all for a band so young BRING ME THE HORIZON have delivered the goods with an album that many bands twice their age would have trouble creating.


LIFELESS no love for the world

HARDCORE. Heavy and damaging hardcore from New Jersey is what LIFELESS bring on this debut LP as well as guest vocals from FURY OF FIVE and STRENGTH FOR A REASON.



POST-HARDCORE. This split is the musical and emotional convergence of 2 groups of close friends who, while from entirely different locations and backgrounds and share a common passion. In particular, the songs on either side of this record discuss thematically the sometimes crippling mediocrity of day-to-day life. The end result is a 4 song collaborative examination of life - 2 musical snapshots from 2 very different cities that each show the same lingering uncertainty present everywhere and a challenge to the creative process.

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