Pal -And Out Your Mouth.

Their MySpace is entitled "paltorture" ... then necessarily, it's a little worried. Because the underground black death of hell, it's going five minutes. Good at the same time, it M_ (yes that's more like hype) eh, so it was perhaps irony and it is much easier to understand. Otherwise, Pal we knew, before receiving it, nor Eve nor Adam is originally from Toulouse and delivers music to the image of the artwork of her and out your mouth. Sludge or a mixture of punk and metal noisecore playing snipers on Prototype Records label, specializes in Southern prods structure 'that tear the mouth much as it should (see: Bone Dance, Dear Catastrophe, Snakecharmer, Sofy Major, Stuntman) . And Pal, nothing wrong, why it is served.


MyTerror_Take Your Life Back

2.Price i pay
4.Take your life back
5.Honest despot
6.Coagulated blood
7.Nemesis sniper
8.The hardest core
9.Faceless youth



Amebix - Sonic Mass

Cult British underground heavyweights AMEBIX recently parted company with Alternative Tentacles Records after 26 years. The band has decided to step up to the challenge of releasing its own work and has founded Amebix Records in conjunction with Easyaction. They are releasing the new album and back catalogue under the new label while Profane Existence will continue to manufacture and sell the band's work as high-quality vinyl releases, with global distribution through Cargo Records.

AMEBIX's new album, "Sonic Mass", will be made available on September 23 as a CD and gatefold vinyl LP, as well as a digital download.

"Sonic Mass" track listing:

01. Days
02. Shield Wall
03. The Messenger
04. God Of The Grain
05. Visitation
06. Sonic Mass Part 1
07. Sonic Mass Part 2
08. Here Come The Wolf
09. The One
10. Knights Of The Black Sun

A new interview with AMEBIX about "Sonic Mass" can be seen below.

AMEBIX recently released its first new material for almost 24 years. The song is entitled "Knights Of The Black Sun" and was made available on June 3. A limited-edition 12-inch vinyl single was issued on Amebix Records, in conjunction with Profane Existence. The digital download is available through Amebix Records/Easyaction.

An animation version of "Knights Of The Black Sun" can be seen below. The video was created by the team of animator Andy Lefton and director Fin McAteer. Lefton also made a follow-up interview with AMEBIX members Rob Miller and Stig C. Miller to give a little more insight into the epic work that is the band's new album, "Sonic Mass".

"Knights Of The Black Sun" was recorded at The Lodge Studios in Northampton and was engineered and produced by AMEBIX drummer Roy Mayorga (NAUSEA, SOULFLY, STONE SOUR). Singer/bassist Rob Miller (a.k.a. The Baron) described the release in a recent interview as "a coming of age for our music. This whole body of work has been not only about music, but also art. This is going to surprise a lot of people."

Formed in the late Seventies and hailed as the godfathers of crust punk and extreme metal, AMEBIX had long lain dormant until the addition of drummer Roy Mayorga (NAUSEA, CRISIS, SOULFLY, STONE SOUR), a DVD release, and a string of 2009 reunion shows reignited the flame. The band's resurrection first resulted in the release of 2010's "Redux" EP, which features live and re-recorded versions of several of the band's best-loved classics, including "Winter", "Chain Reaction", and the immortal battle cry, "Arise!". The songs were remixed by Mayorga and "Redux" is available from Profane Existence on CD, 12-inch LP and digitally.

RAMESSES possessed by the rise of magik

Ha llegado el momento para dar rienda suelta a Poseído por el aumento de Magik, el esperado, de la marca nueva longitud total de los alquimistas de metal ampliamente aclamado, Ramsés. No es sólo un título, poseído por el aumento de Magik es más una declaración en respuesta a la catarsis efectos de este álbum, una vez que estén sujetas, es imposible resistirse a sus encantos mortales. Se ve a la banda la captura de la parte ritual de su naturaleza con grandes resultados sin tener que recurrir a los trajes, accesorios y maquillaje. Se incorporan las ideas, imágenes, símbolos y sellos de influencia oculta del artista británico Austin Osman Spare en sus propias embarcaciones espaciados sombrío para crear un lenguaje nuevo Magikal. (La forma de escribir "MAIGK la palabra en lugar de, por ejemplo, el traditionalL" magia "o la propia interpretación de Crowley de" MAGIA "refleja este proceso de pensamiento). Grabación en trances y la escritura automática son las técnicas clave en la creación de este nuevo paso en el viaje de la familia de Ram hasta el final!

Yob -Atma

La palabra "
Atma" se define como la existencia del núcleo del alma y que el valor más alto de conocimiento proviene de su verdadero yo. A su vez, "Atma" es la culminación de la carrera de YOB que ha llegado a una corriente de auto-reflexión en su viaje musical.
Con una aparición especial por Scott Kelly de Neurosis y obras de arte por Stevie Floyd de Dark Castle, y envasado en un digipack magníficamente diseñado diseñado por el borde Aaron.

Desert Icons Breach

We are Desert icons a Spanish sludge/metal/rock band from Madrid formed by 3 guitars, 1 bass, 1 vocal and 1 drummer, we start to play in may 2010 and we write and record our first album few months after.


Light Bearer - Beyond The Infinite The Assembly Of God

Light bearer formed in 2010, from the ashes of UK post metal and hardcore bands [ Fall of Efrafa ] and Dungeons. The band is an all encompassing art/music/narrative project, based around a story written by their vocalist Alex, who drew influence from the writings of Philip Pullman’s ” His dark materials ” trilogy, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and the Book of Genesis.

The band play a mixture of melodic post hardcore, progressive metal, post rock and ambient atmospheric drone, The songs are structured specifically to follow the narrative and therefore peak and trough in equal measure, mixing screamed desperate vocals with sung passages.

The story is split into four main parts, Lapsus, Silver Tongue, Magisterium and finally Lattermost Sword. The narrative begins with the metaphorical casting out of the protagonist Lucifer, an angel so loyal and in love with god that he could not submit when asked to bow before humanity, personified as Adam.

For this act he is banished from heaven into the cold stigeon wastes below. Here he questions the Allfather – an entity who claimed the universe as his own. In doing so he realises his master has lied, and vows to reach out from his desolate prison and become his namesake –to pass on the torch of free will to all life in the multiple universes.

The story continues in Silver Tongue, Magisterium and Lattermost Sword in which the torch is borne by the metaphorical Eve – the mitochondrial ancestor of humanity, her rejection of the will of the false god and the attempted rebellion against Heaven, her role and the role of the prophesied second Eve. The establishment of the church and the eventual culmination and war against the patriarchal god.

Alongside the four releases are planned EPs and split records, beginning with “Beyond the infinite, the assembly of god” – an elaboration of the introduction to the first album. A second narrative runs through records not included in the four main parts, which deals with the natural formation of the universe and the evolution of life.


Art Of Burning Water head of the tempest

Heavy, technical and panicked UK power trio channelling the Melvins, Keelhaul and Zeni Geva into your suffering brain.



After a yearlong phase of writing new material and playing selected concerts KODIAK are now back with a new 2 song record. Before they start to write a three album concept series in 2012 they decided to realize another collaboration: after the liasons with NADJA and BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS it is the drone ambient legend N who joined them to record an impressive wall of sound this time. KODIAK’s feeling for ultraheavy monolithic compositions and N’s eclectic intuition concerning complex soundscapes add up to a perfect musical symbiosis. The 2 pieces “Radon” and “Xenon” are combining the heavy approach of SUNN O))) with the soundscapes people like N, TROUM or THOMAS KÖNER have been experimenting with for 2 decades.


Mental Architects - Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go!

I just started working with the Bulgarian band Mental Architects and will mix and produce their first full-length record. They’re recording the album themselves in Bulgaria, but it’s been a collaborative process from the get-go. To prepare, for instance, we’ve been exchanging videos, demos and sound clips. In this way, I’ve been able to see and comment on their set-up, micing techniques, signal path and environment in which they’ll be tracking the record. This has been great for tweaking certain elements and understanding how the whole thing is coming together. It helps that these guys are very proactive about their band and music. They’ve been a pleasure to work with, and I’m really inspired by their dedication and innovative approach to their art. I love the new demos, and I’m really looking forward to mixing this new record.


BLACK/DOOM-METAL/HARDCORE. OKKULTOKRATI and ARABROT have teamed up for a split LP. The split includes 4 insane new ARABROT tracks, and 3 new hits from OKKULTOKRATI. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl. Killer gatefold cover with artwork by Sebastian Rusten.

Lycanthrophy - Lycanthrophy LP


ALL PIGS MUST DIE god is war

HARDCORE. Members of CONVERGE, HOPE CONSPIRACY and THE RED CHORD team up to play some metallic and crust-influenced hardcore with a strong underlying d-beat that takes influence from AMEBIX, ENTOMBED and CELTIC FROST and could be compared to contemporaries like DISFEAR or BLACK BREATH.

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