Ancient Shores " Step to the Edge"

HARDCORE. Awesome, crushing, sometimes chaotic, mayhem from West Virginia. This will appeal to fans of great late '90s chaotic metal influenced hardcore ala COALESCE, DEADGUY and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.


Former Thieves-"he Language That We Speak"

POST-HARDCORE. Coming from the barren and simple fields of Iowa, FORMER THIEVES has created a record that personifies the feelings and emotions of coming from nothing and fighting the entire way to what they have created. "the language that we speak" takes the listener through a thorough commentary on the frustration of Midwestern life. Articulate, sharp, and sincerely pissed.






Lebanon – Overdose/Overload 7

There is most certainly something in the water in Portland, Oregon (aka PDX). From the elder gods: Poison Idea, Final Warning, Wipers to the massive rumblings over the last few years: Tragedy, Warcry, Hellshock, and From Ashes Rise there is in-arguably more seething, intensified crust/d-beat/punk bands in the Rose City of Portland than anywhere in the world! You can now add Lebanon to this arsenal! Lebanon features both Brad Boatright and Derek Wilman of From Ashes Rise among their ranks. With Lebanon the direction of the music is definitely reminiscent of From Ashes Rise but there is a decidedly NWOBHM injection into the sound. Think: Motorhead, Venom, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Witchfinder General. This two song ripper is the bands very first release and a very blasting preview of damage to come.



Red Fang "Murder The Mountains"

RED FANG deals in kick-ass heavy rock. On their Chris Funk (DECEMBERISTS) produced, Vance Powell (KINGS OF LEON, WHITE STRIPES, RACONTEURS) mixed Relapse debut Murder the Mountains, the quartet wave a middle finger at fashion and bet the proverbial house on substance over style. The incredible “Wires”, “Number Thirteen”, "Hank Is Dead", and "The Undertow" are just a few of an onslaught of highlights on this front-to-back set of great f%$king songs.


MAKE DO AND MEND "end measured mile "

POST-HARDCORE. With the depth of HOT WATER MUSIC, the youthfulness of JIMMY EAT WORLD and piecing it all together with their own dark post-hardcore sound, MAKE DO AND MEND has delivered their latest endeavor, "end measured mile". The album encompasses MAKE DO AND MEND's own brand of post-hardcore that is as melodic as it is fierce. MAKE DO AND MEND has perfected a sound that's more than able to convince you that aggressive emotion and heartfelt honesty are not dead in the punk music that we fell in love with.


MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE "elogia de la sombra"

PSYCHEDELLIC-ROCK. MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE are an enchanting collective, comprising a fine pedigree of musicians from bands as diverse as EARTH, SUN CITY GIRLS and BURNING WITCH. With an amalgam of global influences drawn from music, philosophy, mysticism, and the kitchen sink, they are difficult to pigeonhole, but this is to their credit as MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE are entirely original and when they come together, the result is truly magical.


CIRCLE "infektio "

PROGRESSIVE-METAL/ROCK. A new CIRCLE album is always something to look forward to, and you never know what these Finnish gentlemen are gonna come up with. Will it be metal? krautrock? soundscapes? psych? If there would be such a thing as an atypical CIRCLE album, "infektio" might be just that. The kings of the new wave of Finnish heavy-metal deliver an introspective album, which sounds like it was recorded under the Aurora Borealis lit polar skies. Organic, free and primitive and absurd. Largely instrumental, on "infektio" CIRCLE creates a mellow caveman kind of jam but manages to sound mechanically precise leaving the repetitive CIRCLE's classic motorik machine stylings behind.



PUNK/NOISE-ROCK. The 1st recordings from Arizona's favorite smashers since the "who said these were happy times" full-length. Two long overdue new blasts of FRANCIS HAROLD's venomous power pressed to a mere 550 copies. Raw and heavy jams in the bands trademark style.


CHOKE UP "spent"

POST-HARDCORE. Boston's basement favorite CHOKE UP is back with "spent", a new, aggressive, frantic, yet melodic, 7". The new 5-song record ranging from abrasive punk with screamo sensibilities to stripped down folk with a hint of pop infusions. This young four-piece is sure to strike a chord with fans of COMADRE, GLASS & ASHES, punk and hardcore.


The Black Angels "Another Nice Pair"

POST/PSYCHEDELIC-ROCK. "another nice pair" stands as a potent document of the band's formative psych-rock sound. The a-side capture the "the black angels" release (including key tracks from the debut album "passover" in addition to the non-album jam "winter '68". The b-side flip presents the original "exit" release which was available only as a bonus for those who pre-ordered the band's sophomore "directions to see a ghost". This side also includes tracks that were available only as bonus material on the limited edition 3-LP version of "directions to see a ghost", in addition to the iTunes exclusive "black angel exit/shine", and a ripping cover of BLACK MOUNTAIN's "no satisfaction".


BLACK SPIDERS "sons of the north"

ROCK/STONER/METAL. This Sheffield-based quintet have managed to harness the powers of Angus Young and priapic death-punks TURBONEGRO and distil it into a brew fit for Odin himself. Quite literally 10 tracks of galloping rock and thunderous roll, heads down, no nonsense, ear splintering, gut wrenching organic, melodic goodness. Their apocalyptic three-man axe assault is awe-inspiring. This is another monolithic slab of thunderous rock.



BLITZKID apparitional

HORROR-PUNK. BLITZKID, a band that's been part of the horror-punk scene for well over a decade, is back with their 7th album. Prepare yourself for horror-punk at its best. BLITZKID is influenced by AFI, THE MISFITS, SAMHAIN, T.S.O.L., and THE RAMONES. Long live the horror!



LENTO "icon"

POST-ROCK/HARDCORE. LENTO's 1st album "eathen" has received great attention and rave reviews, so their long-awaited 2nd album had to be confronted with high expectations - these expectations are easily met and exceeded by "icon". On "icon", LENTO explore a new range of emotions and feelings, and build up a very deep and dark universe driven by their usual postcore fury. Already with EARTHEN, LENTO convinced their listeners by being one of the most overwhelming and mind-blowing bands of today. On "icon", the song structures have been particularly developed to repeat and strongly strengthen this impression. For fans of early CULT OF LUNA, OMEGA MASSIF and SLEEP.



ROSETTA "a determinism of morality "

INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. Philadelphia's ROSETTA aspire to put themselves at the top of the instrumental post-rock genre with a sound that is both beautiful and devastating, combining elements of EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, RUSSIAN IRCLES, SONIC YOUTH and even COALESCE. Vinyl comes with a gatefold cover.

MOB RULES "the donor "

HARDCORE. On their debut full-length, the UK's MOB RULES has concocted one of the most ambitious and cohesive re-articulations of power-violence in recent memory. While they don't abandon the genre's essential traits - blistering fast parts, trippy sludge breakdowns and harsh, hateful vocals - they render them exponentially more powerful by adding some new spices to the stew, namely an expansive sense of composition that recalls KINJG CRIMSON at their heaviest moments. From a 37sec. ripper to a 7min. epic jam that wastes anything on "the process of weeding out",


ENFOLD "no coming home"

POST-HARDCORE. * RECORD STORE DAY exclusive 16.4.2011 * ENFOLD was a German hardcore band that existed between 1995 - 2001. They released a couple 7"s and broke up straight after releasing this full-length in 2000. Members went on in THE NOW-DENIAL and a couple to neglect indie-rock bands, like TOMTE. ENFOLD were arguably one of the best German live bands around that time, and this master-piece with 14 recorded songs finally does them justice. Intense, angry and beautiful - these guys are in it with their hearts. A nice coverversion round off the whole record. Limited to 40 handnumbered items with a silver screenprinted and foil coating cover, a lyricsheet and a printed discobag.


Get Rad " choose your own adventure "

We're now taking pre-orders for the upcoming 7" EP from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's GET RAD, entitled Choose Your Own Adventure, which will be out in a few weeks. This new 7" follows up last year's I Can Always Live LP (Gilead Media/Hyperrealist) with five new amazingly catchy tracks of fast, energetic and abrasive hardcore from members of Herds, High on Crime, Seven Days of Samsara, Since By Man, etc.

Limited to 500 copies, with 376 on a black/dark grey vinyl and 124 on varous colors of vinyl. It will come packaged in a two-color silkscreened chipboard cover (preview mockup above) and an 8 page Choose Your Own Adventure-styled booklet with artwork/illustrations by Matt Gauck. This is being released as a collaborative effort between Get Rad, Perpetual Motion Machine Records and Halo of Flies Records.

( ) " false xmas"

NEW-WAVE/INDIE-ROCK. ( ) is the vinyl debut of MERCHANDISE's David Vassalotti's pet project. How do you pronounce it? "false xmas" was originally released as a seldom-heard tape on Cult Maternal, but now the 2 tracks found its way on vinyl. This particular ( ) record finds David channeling NEW ORDER through a more lo-fi lens with even worse vocals reciting emotionally devastating prose. These 2 songs make up what is a perfect pop single. The band is called "( )" or "parenthesis".




SCREAMO-HARDCORE. The very 1st vinyl release from this emotional hardcore band from Santa Barbara/Goleta. Frantic, explosive, vulnerable lyrics discussing a range of human feelings and emotions such as selfishness, empathy, anxiety, apathy and depression. Three color letter press chipboard jackets with inserts printed on muslin cloth. This self-titled LP feature 9 songs (including rerecorded songs from "demo 2010" and "the exuberance of a robust people"). In the vein of YAPHET KOTTO, TORCHES TO ROME and CITY OF CATERPILLAR.


NOW DENIAL " fuck now denial"

HARDCORE. Beware - don't mix them up with the German THE NOW-DENIAL. After a debut 7", 2 full-lengths, and almost 10 years of continually banging heads, Boston's NOW DENIAL are stronger than ever with this dynamic 5 dynamic tracks. "fuck now denial" explodes with thunderous rhythms, urgent riffs, and doomed-out metal. The epic songs bring to mind influences of everyone from BARONESS to BORN AGAINST to BOTCH.




KICKING SPIT "psychrockbullshit"

POST-HARDCORE/PUNK. KICKING SPIT is an American band influenced by alternative and rock 'n' roll combining elements of hardcore-punk and noise-rock. Melodic guitar solos, droning vocals, feedback, extreme volume and the loud-quiet dynamic. Take everything you love about '80s hardcore, and mix it in a blender with HÜSKER DÜ and DINOSAUR JR. and you've got a pretty good idea of what KICKING SPIT sounds like. The songs are really catchy and definitely have an early '90s feel to them.




Overmars have released numerous recordings over the last few years (many of which have been reissued by the Crucial Blast label). Their brand of ominous, expansive musical darkness is breath taking. A bleak and barren mix of doom, metal tinged punk, and experimental hardcore. Bringing to mind the sonic damage of later era Swans and Neurosis, while harboring a contemporary heaviness unlike anything else out there today.

Starkweather's legacy within aggressive music is legendary. Recorded at the same time as their highly praised "This Sheltering Night" album, their contributions here show a creative force at their most powerful. The complex "Armed Memory" shows Starkweather as tortured, jagged, and frantic as they've ever been. While their 14 minute epic closer "Nightmare Factory" is a layered metallic dirge of catastrophic proportions, dizzying and disorientating in its hypnotic ebb and flow.

Together Overmars and Starkweather have created an unclassifiable, paranoid journey into the artistic abyss, proving that aggressive music still has much to offer. No end is in sight as bands like these continue to reach down deep into their souls to explore such uncharted creative waters.

Boris-Live in Japan DVDRIP



Od Vratot Nadolu " Mercury"

Od Vratot Nadolu's album "Mercury" is out now LP and CD. They are a Macedonian bass and drums duo that make mutant hardcore in a noisy Man Is The Bastard meets Zeni Geva manner.

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