Protestant " Antagonist EP"

Protestant from Wisonsin, USA, deliver three tracks of exploding and brutal hardcore on this new 7" EP. I guess it would be easy to write this off as another band doing the dark and heavy hardcore thing - no more, no less. But to do so would not only be wrong, it would also prove that whoever said it hadn't given the music more than a couple of chances. Sure, there are the heavy and dark melodies over hard rhythms and thundering beats, but Protestant are a lot more hardcore than that with their speed and aggressiveness. There's more to this band than the average "dark and heavy hardcore band" and there's another level of depth that many others lack. Where the main path here is in fact dark and powerful hardcore the music takes more than one turn with the occasional doom-laden riffs lurking around one corner and blastbeats around another. The guitar work on here also brings forth thoughts of black metal from time to time with their evil sounding harmonies. Spitting vocals, ravelling riffs, and an alternation and combination of the crushing rhythms and rapid deliverances makes the word powerful seem like an understatement with it comes to the three tracks on this EP.

Mehkago N.T. Split Religious As Fuck - EP

Gainesville's RAF explode with a blast of fast, furious, gnarly hardcore thrash! Six songs in just under 4.5 minutes! Members of ASSHOLEPARADE, SAVAGE BREWTALITY, and DEAD FRIENDS. (Upcoming RAF stuff: split LP with AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER) Miami's MNT crush all in their path with two tracks of heavy hardcore brutality. Fast, crusty, angry... akin to early HIS HERO IS GONE, DOOM, DETESTATION. (Previous MNT stuff: "Human Extinction" 7", "S/T" LP/CD on Vinyl Rites and S.O.Y.) Colored vinyl!

Bokanovsky split Tesa

"TESA build their metallic instrumentals to pummeling climaxes and, at least in one song, a frothy, dissonant scream layered atop them. The Latvian trio might title their songs rather frustratingly (it's like this on their other damn record, too)" "Onto B÷kan÷vsky, this is more like it! The music is a fair bit faster and I'm immediately into it. No fucking about, just great French emo with clear influences from their contemporaries. The vocals are great, then there's the standard guitar sound, plus the drums pound the fuck away towards the end of the first song."



Jarboe - Mahakali 2008

Disco compuesto compuesto por mienbros de Dysrhythmia , Josh Graham from Red Sparrowes/A Storm of Light/Neurosis.

Comadre "a wolf ticket"

Folks, the COMADRE a wolf ticket 12" pre order is sold out now - thanks a lot for support. Its has been crazy. The GRAF ORLOCK destination time today LP & the COMADRE burn your bones LP repress pre orders are down to a handful copies. So hurry up if you want one

Moho - Twelve inch EP

Los mostros de moho lo han hecho de uevo con esta edicion de especial en vinilo con 2 temas propios y un cober Celtic Frost como solo moho lo save hacer.


War Pigs - Degeneration

Hardcore a lo vieja escuela mezclado con una gran dosis de stoner .

Feuerzeug Drive Fast And Crash - 2009

Excelente disco de stoner de estos chicos fumate un porro y toma el auto y ya veras.


Los amigos de I.Witness desde Rusia han mandado su primer trabajo EN VIVO cargado de emoción y rabia recordando los buenos tiempos de bandas como ekkaia , ictus .
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