Melvins Split Isis


1 Melvins - Pig House (Alt Version)
2 Melvins - I'll Finish You Off (Alt Version)
3 Isis - Way Through Woven Branches
4 Isis - The Pliable Foe


The Books " The Way Out"

POST-ROCK. "the way out", the fourth album by THE BOOKS, is the 1st in five years from the celebrated Northeastern duo. This album is indeed a new beginning. Over the course of 3 albums in nearly a decade’s time, THE BOOKS have grown to become one of modern music’s most genuine innovators. Creatively complex and truly unclassifiable, "the way out" continues THE BOOKS’ tradition of meticulous, existential songcraft, infusing the playfully surreal elements of previous albums with a humorous, childlike excitement.


Okkultokrati "No Light For Mass"

Okkultokrati have been around for a couple of years now and feature members from Haust and Hombre Malo. They play bitter and dirty punk metal drenched in the stench of Poison Idea, Celtic Frost and High on Fire!

After their Knarkskog EP from 2009 Okkultokrati now debuts with the album "No Light For Mass". This is a collection of songs that has been subjected to over six months of intensive and focused writing, rehearsing and recording.


Child Bite " The Living Breathing Organ Summer "

INDIE-ROCK/EXPERIMENTAL. "the living breathing organ summer" is the new full-length from Detroit's CHILD BITE. Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, "the living breathing organ summer" exudes euphoria, urgency, baseless paranoia and a mild sense of vertigo. With their most recent effort, CHILD BITE seems to have thrown caution to the wind - mashing their punk vigor with avant-garde ideals into a no-fluff sound that is both consistently danceable and
brazenly psychotic.


Brume Retina " Agresse Gueule"

SCREAMO-HARDCORE. After their split with HIRO, BRUME RETINA are back with a full-length by it's own. Expect a rawer sound that still manages to keep the melodic aspect that we know from the French emo/screamo-scene. BRUME RETINA is comparable to their french fellows in AUSSITOT MORT and DAITRO.


Agrimonia"Host Of The Winged"

CRUST-METAL. The wait was long, but now AGRIMONIA's 2nd full-length is done! "host of the winged" is a dignified dark, doomy and twisted 8 track follow-up of their 1st album. This crust band from Gothenburg, Sweden deliever in about 72min. death- and black-metal gloom with a healthy dose of crust-hardcore. "host of the winged" will leave you speechless. The vinyl comes in a beautiful gatefold with a foldout insert.

Acid King "Down With The Crown"

STONER-ROCK. ACID KING's masterful CD and 10" split releases on Man's Ruin have been remastered and put out on one lovely piece of vinyl. "free" and "down with the crown" represent very early and heavy material from the band. The original photo for each release got recreated and hand drawn by legendary rock artist Alan Forbes. Looks awesome! Comes with a gatefold cover.



Hombre Malo Split Jack And The Bearded Fishermen

New Songs from Hombre Malo and Jack & The Bearded Fishermen.
Oslo meets Besancon.
Furious mix between stoner, sludge and heavy rock!Hombre Malo members of Ictus, Sons Of Saturn and La Casa Fantom.



PG LOST "In Never OutI"

POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. "in never out" is the 2nd album from Sweden's instrumental/postrock band PG.LOST. An orchestra of heart, a playground for the long lost sporadic thoughts of giving in or getting back. PG.LOST is a band of many directions, but most of all a band throbbing with great melancholy grinding against the precious high hopes of not just individual human thinking and feeling, but also contrasts within pushing the sonic boundaries of endless instrumental experiments of prolonging.



HARDCORE. Marking the 2010 U.S. tour of Texas’s WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and Japan’s veteran hardcore band SLANG, this 7" combines 2 guitar driven blasts of hardcore fury. SLANG celebrate classic Japanese fast hardcore with devastating guitar driven breakdown. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH similarly continue to evolve from caustic bursts of corrosive thrashing to a tempered attack stitched by a melodic guitar riff and glued solid with torrential drum bashing, volatile guitar blasts and harsh vocals.




PG. 99 document #8

HARDCORE. Vinyl re-stock. This album is mind-blowing, for the most part. Arguably one of the best hardcore albums of the last decade, Virginia's PG. 99 shine their brightest here in the finest 27 recorded min. of their much heralded existence. Originally recorded and mixed in a whirlwind 3 days, this reissue contains a full remixing by the band and engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge) now including 2 bonus tracks previously used on a split with CITY OF CATERPILLAR. All coupled with the original artwork enhanced by a fine layout, this reissue finally does justice to the legacy that is PG. 99.


My Education "Sunrise"

INSTRUMENTAL/AMBIENT. There is a calamitous but oddly compelling tension that rears its head when the night hits its darkest hour. This is the feeling you get when MY EDUCATION’s newest full-length - "sunrise", takes off with soaring, cinematic instrumentals - an amazing concoction of guitar drones, melodic viola, and thundering rhythms. MY EDUCATION has captured 40min. of a soundtrack to the long dark night of the soul. "sunrise" is an aural experience that is original and unique. The recordings have been remixed by members of Kinski, Pelican, the Red Sparrowes and Dalek.


Kerretta - Vosmidesijatye

POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. The trio hail from Auckland, New Zealand. Their instrumental rock has a unique note of propulsive, monolithic walls of sound and dreamy, melodic, but at the same time triumphant passages that stuck immediately in your ear. KERRETTA don't write eclectic, bombastic compositions, but detailed, progressive songs. If you're looking for some new beside RUSSIAN CIRCLES, ISIS and MOGWAI try KERRETTA.

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