Rosetta split Junius

POST-ROCK. A special, limited edition split LP between long time friends, and new wave of American metal stalwarts, JUNIUS and ROSETTA. This collaboration has been talked about between the bands for years and is finally seeing the light of day on vinyl. JUNIUS contributes "a day dark with night", clocking in at around 8min., and ROSETTA contributes "tma-3", which runs just under 10min..

WE SAID - Humanimals

We're WE SAID. A young and independant Hardcore Punk band from Switzerland.

Asilo split FGB

bio: asilo is a sludge crust three-piece band from buenos aires, argentina. their members (nacho dp: drums / manuel: vox - bass - analogue devices / sebaxxxtian: bass / vox) played and still play in underground bands from the underground metal scene, like voightkampff, gran cuervo, milica, etc. we've released our first split with tzara (post hardcore, with manuel playing bass), including a live song from our very first show live in april 2011. Nowadays we are releasing this second split with fraccion george best, from chile, with two songs each band... this split cd will be releasing in chile and ecuador too.

In 2012, we are eager to play live and record our new songs and trying to be edited in usa or europe.


BENEATH OBLIVION from man to dust

SLUDGE/DOOM-METAL. BENEATH OBLIVION deliver thick foggy and oppressive music. There are blunt arrangements that move with difficulty and a trudging pace that gives it a nightmarish effect. It’s all heightened by the vocals - a growler without the cookie, but with a bucketload of acid down his throat. Mostly, the tracks are just massive like NEUROSIS on "through silver in blood", but with a more metallic song structure. The tempos are deliberately unhurried, which heightens the sense of endlessness torment. Unrolled over the span of 75min.


OCOAI – The Electric Hand

En la semana he tenido la oportunidad de escuchar algo de material nuevo que se me hizo relevante y que poco a poco estaré subiendo a este espacio, algo de lo mas interesante y que no he podido dejar de escuchar una y otra vez, ha sido este disco, que nos lo entrega la banda estadounidense, que desde Tenesee trae una fuerza tremenda y variedad de influencias musicales muy diversas, entretenidas y sobre todo las mezclas entre estas muy bien logradas. De primera mano, a mi me parecieron una mezcla bastante buena entre el post-rock y un metal ambivalente que podría llamar agridulce, obviamente decantando en un post-metal de calidad, hasta ahí la concepción y el desentramado del disco, pero conforme avanzaba, oyendo de principio a fin este trabajo en una noche de tráfico intenso y lluvia en esta ciudad caótica, me daba cuenta que pasaba muy por encima de esta simple clasificación genérica, ya que las atmósferas estaban llenas de pinceladas de detalles referentes a sus no pocas influencias.

Test Their Logik - A

Test Their Logik’s debut album, recorded, produced, and mixed by Illogik and mastered by Metalworks Studios (known for producing hip-hop acts such as Drake, DMX, and K-OS), “A” is uncompromising in both message and sound. This slick Digipak offers 11 new songs and 3 bonus tracks in just under an hour—it's a lyrical explosion in the face of authority and oppression, a sonic boom in the ears of big brother, and a no-holds-barred escape into rebellion. Ushering in a new era of subversive anti-authoritarian hip-hop, Test Their Logik delivers clear methodical rhymes alternating with rapid-fire lyrical assaults over dark bass- and synth-heavy beats. The album begins with a lyrical experiment never tried by even the most renowned lyricists: a full song only using words that start with the letter A. This title track sets the bar high for what comes next: everything from confrontation to reflection, to dancing, to imprisonment, and liberation.



SLUDGE-METAL/HARDCORE. Sludge fiends FISTULA have pulled themselves up out of the gutter they call home and hooked up with Patac Records to release the "loser" album. It's very dark and sad, heavy, tuned low. The 6 song record features the band’s trademark sickening guitar tone, agonized vocals, and wretched attitude, worshipping as always upon the bloodstained altars of CELTIC FROST, GRIEF, WINTER, EYEHATEGOD, and BUZZOVEN.
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