Archers and Arrows

Archers and Arrows from Lausanne (Switzerland) is one of those new punk bands melting punk rock with hardcore and 90's emo. They have their roots in bands like Hot Water Music, The Lawrence arms or Latterman. Their first EP received many positive critics: "One of the best Swiss Punk-Rock combos nowadays" or "Das Versprechen einer der besten Schweizer Bands mit Hardcore-Hintergrund zu sein". Their songs are played on Couleur 3 (swiss national radio), were they got an interview. They then played many shows with international bands like The Get Up Kids, Roger Miret (agnostic front), Burning Heads, Polar Bear Club, Dead to me, Man Overboard, Venerea or Civet.



RAMLORD SPLIT Condensed Flesh


Description: The Hoax Program is a hardcore/rock’n’roll/stoner rock band from Ajdovscina, Slovenia. The band started out as an old school hardcore band Low Punch in 1997 but renamed to The Hoax Program after changing musical direction in 2007. They put out two releases - ‘Lost Songs, Forgotten Melodies’ in 2008 and ‘II’ in December of 2011. Members of The Hoax Program are also active in other groups such as Elodea, Iamdisease and Real Life Version.
FFO: Annihilation Time, Saviours, Black Cross.

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