Amenra - live 2012

Oaken-The Hunter

The Hunter 
And you are still wondering... And you are still wondering how these hands are able to do such things? And you are still wondering how these arms can reach heaven? Become a tree! Limbs like roots. Find this state and defend it at all cost. My skin is cortex, the eyes are thorns. A tree can never back down from a worldly thing. Eat less. Don't move. Even breathe less. "We'll hunt those folks. Old songs don't sing about this, Son. Boiling them alive raw in the haze. We'll hunt every men, women and children as far as the eyes can see." We have heard the hunter from miles but this time we won't go the other way. This time we will fight like trees and never change a bit. "I do not know any God. I need no aim to destroy everything.



DRONE/NOISE-ROCK. The phoenix has risen once again in a new shape and form. This time as a two-headed beast. The adjustment from trio to duo has been perfected over the course of the last 3 years and this album is the fruit of that labor. SWITCHBLADE is taking one big step forward and two steps backward. SWITCHBLADE plunges into an array of different dynamics. Always ebbing and flowing. This time joined by OPETH, CLUTCH/CANDLEMASS, TERRA TENEBROSA, KONGH and KATATONIA members.

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