OSMOSIS is a solo project of Mika (member from Third Worlds Mourning), based in the concept of different atmospheres in the realms of brutal death metal. After several months, 4 songs were made, all with different feelings but linked in the lyrics department, for they tread upon similar subjects like agnosticism, theology and war.

The style is US brutal death metal but open to European influences too. In December 2009, Mika got in touch with two musicians which he hopes will help him to fulfill his project:

On the one hand, Peluki from Requiem for Belial, who took part in the drum programming and sound engineering.

On the other hand Koko from Third Worlds Mourning as well, helped to set some vocals for the recording. Osmosis whises to release a 4-track demo as soon as possible in the D.I.Y. way. If any distro is interested in spreading the noise feel free to contact me : www.myspace.com/osmosis666

In the meantime there is no wish to play any gig as Osmosis is a solo project helped by other musicians; Should we have to make it live in the future, auditions will be announced. Meanwhile, ENJOY OSMOSIS!!!!!!!.


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