Ghastly City Sleep - Moondrifts

POST-ROCK. "moondrifts" is the 1st full-length from this Brooklyn, NY band and features 2 LPs worth of synth and guitar-driven layered sounds influenced by SIGUR ROS and RADIOHEAD. The amount of refinement honed by the collective members over the many years of crafting records and crashing on floors, both apart and collectively, shines like a great beacon across the saturated seas of newer and more derivative bands going for what GHASTLY CITY SLEEP truly delivers to listeners. From the chilling opener all the way through to the stirring conclusion, "moondrifts" is an entire album of unclassifiable music that pushes everything forward whilst simultaneously feeling like an old friend. Played by ex-members of bands like DARKEST HOUR, PG.99, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, and MAJORITY RULE.


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