Earth "A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction"

DRONE/NOISE-ROCK. For the 1st time ever the debut recordings of EARTH are available in one concise, beautifully documented capsule. "a beaurocratic desire for extra capsular extraction" contains the entire 1990 Smegma Studios sessions which are the debut recordings from EARTH. Previously available scattered via the "extra capsular extractions" and "sunn amps and smashed guitar" releases. This essential collection contains every note from the infamous 1st EARTH recording sessions. All 7 tracks have been carefully remastered. The result is a more burly, mammoth and crushing audio experience that makes this collection a must have even for the die-hards that own previous versions of these recordings. Includes liner notes from Dylan Carlson with exclusive artwork by Simon Fowler and package design via Stephen O'Malley.


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Santiago dijo...

una masaa!!!graciassss!!!!!!

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