AGAINST ME " total clarity"

FOLK-PUNK. With the release of their 2nd full-length "as the eternal cowboy", AGAINST ME had firmly established themselves as a genre defying success. A handful of demos from the upcoming album, "searching for a former clarity", were stolen/leaked to the public. The initial response to the songs was unanimously positive. Yet, even years later, in the wake of the album’s massive success the leaked demos continue to be the subject of so much rumor and speculation that they’ve taken on a yeti-esque quality. Finally, with the release of "total clarity", everyone will have the chance to peek behind the curtain, as it were, and judge for themselves. In addition, among the 15 selections that comprise "total clarity", there are 3 songs that were never rerecorded for the "searching for a former clarity" album. Sonically "total clarity" offers a gritty simplicity that reconciles the songs to the passionate essence AGAINST ME is loved for.


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