PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. DEPHOSPHORUS formed in Greece back in 2008 and "axiom" is their 1st vinyl output. Included are 7 songs of what the band has dubbed astrogrind, which is absolutely raging, top-notch grindcore that fluidly blends in elements of black-metal and crust. Imagine CATHARSIS practicing in the room next to BURST. If you stood outside and both bands practicing at the same time, the listenable elements of that recording would probably sound pretty damn close to DEPHOSPHORUS. Expect loads of blasting speed; intense tremolo picking; surging midpaced rhythms; awesome fits of dark, winding dissonance; and occasional bouts of weird, spacey effects. LP comes in a nice gatefold cover.


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Thanks for spreading the word about "Axiom" but replace the link with: http://dephosphorus.com/download-axiom/. Thank you

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