Pal -And Out Your Mouth.

Their MySpace is entitled "paltorture" ... then necessarily, it's a little worried. Because the underground black death of hell, it's going five minutes. Good at the same time, it M_ (yes that's more like hype) eh, so it was perhaps irony and it is much easier to understand. Otherwise, Pal we knew, before receiving it, nor Eve nor Adam is originally from Toulouse and delivers music to the image of the artwork of her and out your mouth. Sludge or a mixture of punk and metal noisecore playing snipers on Prototype Records label, specializes in Southern prods structure 'that tear the mouth much as it should (see: Bone Dance, Dear Catastrophe, Snakecharmer, Sofy Major, Stuntman) . And Pal, nothing wrong, why it is served.

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