Cara Beth Satalino - The Good Ones

ing for "Every now and then I'll find a surprise package of records from Matt/No Idea waitme on my porch-This is how I was introduced to the Witches 7" and became a fan of Salinas Records. I eventually put on a show for the band and found out they were both great people and live band. Now a Witches CD/LP later, here I am getting to work with Cara Beth Satalino (Witches) and Marco/Salinas together on Cara's 2008 recording. It has been remixed, remastered, and comes to you with new artwork in 12" 45 form pressed on recycled mixed color vinyl. These are songs recorded before Witches, some of which would become band songs. Very stripped down but each song offers different dimensions with subtle changes in instrumentation. Now that both Witches and Cara are active I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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