Beyond Description " Proof of the Truth"

Blazing crossover thrash from Japan. B.D Have been going strong since 1988 and are one of Japan's most crucial and long running bands. This album combines the best of Japanese hardcore with the typical Beyond Description sound mixed with old school metal. Essential.



Per Capita "the damage done"

crust/grind/hc band from munich/germany.

eyehategod live dvd full

Two brutal live shows from these long running and still standing swamp metal road dogs. Recorded in 2009 (Baltimore, MD) and 2010 (Cleveland, OH), two almost completely different set lists combine for some heavy duty rock and roll, no doubt. The perfect mix of Black Flag and Black Sabbath in ragged, live glory. 25 plus years of blues based ugly rock boiled down into one DVD.


BUZZOVEN "revelation: sick again"

SLUDGE-METAL/HARDCORE. "revelation: sick again" is classic BUZZOVEN, replete with blistering SABBATH-ian riffing, throat torn eulogies to the narcotically oppressed and monumental gutter dwelling dirges. Over the course of the album's 8 tracks, the untidy trio unfurl their tentacles reaching into the dim recesses of human existence to pull forth yet another grizzled portrait of life gone horribly wrong. Previously available only to bootleg diehards and internet trolls in inferior incarnations, this long lingering blackened gem has finally been disinterred for the world at large and properly presented in all its ragged filthy glory.



SCORN "yossa"

ELECTRONIC. After 4 years of rolling out beats and darkness at an even lower tempo, "yossa" highlights just how well Mick Harris (ex-NAPALM DEATH, PAINKILLER, QUOIT, LULL) has been able to adapt and persevere. Once again collaborating with live drummer Ian Treacy. Treacy blasts and smashes thru "piper" in full highlight mode, as Harris dubs and drops major bass. The rest of the album is Harris' electronic shooting range, taking aim and layering on the bleakest of the bleak - no hope and no help coming during the dark era of the films inspiring this release.



AGAINST ME " total clarity"

FOLK-PUNK. With the release of their 2nd full-length "as the eternal cowboy", AGAINST ME had firmly established themselves as a genre defying success. A handful of demos from the upcoming album, "searching for a former clarity", were stolen/leaked to the public. The initial response to the songs was unanimously positive. Yet, even years later, in the wake of the album’s massive success the leaked demos continue to be the subject of so much rumor and speculation that they’ve taken on a yeti-esque quality. Finally, with the release of "total clarity", everyone will have the chance to peek behind the curtain, as it were, and judge for themselves. In addition, among the 15 selections that comprise "total clarity", there are 3 songs that were never rerecorded for the "searching for a former clarity" album. Sonically "total clarity" offers a gritty simplicity that reconciles the songs to the passionate essence AGAINST ME is loved for.



HARDCORE. This split 7" brings together 2 heavyweights of modern hardcore. Long Island's INCENDIARY follow up their 7", LP, and split 7" with 2 songs of powerful, political hardcore, mixing together elements of many '90s hardcore icons such as INDECISION, TURMOIL and 108 but adding a modern twist. Portland's UNRESTRAINED follow up their 7" and split 7" with 2 emotionally soaked songs showing their love for such '90s bands as THREADBARE and HARVEST.


BLACK SLEEP OF KALI "our slow decay"

PROGRESSIVE-METAL/ROCK. Colorado's BLACK SLEEP OF KALI have quite a rep in the US stoner and doom scene. The 8 songs were recorded in a blur of 5 long, hard, frustrating days. The album titled "our slow decay" is a record full of huge riffs, catchy vocals, and furious drumming that is sure to leave its mark on the doom and metal genre. BLACK SLEEP OF KALI are not afraid to take the step from traditional metal influenced stoner to a progressive approach of modern genre bending rock music. The groovie songs have everything you need: driving guitar-licks, catchy, almost poppy vocals, excellent fast-forward palyed drums. This record definetely reaches out to the best of progressive rock music around.


Repeater " The Pathos Of Things"



Converge Split Dropdead


YOB "great cessation"

DOOM/SLUDGE-METAL. Re-stock! One of the heaviest and most respected bands in metal, YOB are renowned for their unique brand of epic, crushing sludge doom. Founded in 1996 in Oregon, the band developed a reputation as the heaviest doom-metal three-piece ever alongside the legendary SLEEP. The "great cessation" is a time-stretching, timeless, and unearthly slab of monolithic doom-metal art. Produced by renowned knob-twister Sanford Parker (Pelican, Minsk, The Gates of Slumber, etc.) in the band's hometown of Eugene, this gargantuan masterpiece finds YOB heavier, darker, and louder than ever.



PANZRAM "reform"

POST-HARDCORE. PANZRAM plays angry, ugly hardcore deep down in Florida. They play in a genre populated by bands like WALLS, POLLUTION, or DRUGS OF FAITH, where the sound is rooted in hardcore, but is definitely not traditional. Downtuned, noisy riffs, seething vocals, and the odd hint of post-hardcore round out the sound. The record is packaged in a handmade envelope style jacket with nice screenprinting.


POWER "death haunts"

HARDCORE. POWER is a young hardcore band from Bremerton with a fast and pissed off sound. After a demo and self-titled 7", POWER has teamed up with Twelve Gauge Records for the release of a 7 track 7" titled "death haunts". For fans of SABERTOOTH ZOMBIES, RAMMING SPEED and NAILS.


BLACK GOD s/t (2011/NO IDEA)

HARDCORE-PUNK. BLACK GOD is the latest iteration in the BLACK CROSS/BLACK WIDOWS saga. Members also rock it with COLISEUM, ENDPOINT, BY THE GRACE OF GOD and BREATHER RESIST. Expect heavy, technical rock-inspired hardcore-punk along the same lines as HOT SNAKES with signature Rob Pennington vocals. Colored 7" includes a MP3 download card.


THOU / HUMAN INTRUDER a faire quarrell

SLUDGE/DOOM-METAL. THOU are doing a damned good job of pumping out records left, right and centre at the moment. Hot on the heels comes yet another split 7" with HUMAN INTRUDER from Germany. THOU formed the perfect alliance with HUMAN INTRUDER's self-described depressive doom, whose nihilistic sludge sounds perfectly adept at backing up a groove from the swamp metal kings. Another elaborate and beautiful package too, of course. This looks like another must-have from the Louisiana sludge merchants.


A STORM OF LIGHT "as the valley of death"

PROGRESSIVE/POST-ROCK. Apocalyptic band A STORM OF LIGHT formed by Josh Graham (NEUROSIS etc.) have become a whole new musical entity on its own merits. With their 3rd album at hand, not only is "as the valley of death." A STORM OF LIGHT's heaviest and most dynamic release to date, but it is also A STORM OF LIGHT's most song-oriented and most musically inclined release to date. While still maintaining certain elements referenced from their previous releases, elements which ranged from moments of sludge/doom-metal, ambient experimental, and post-rock respectively, "as the valley of death" sees the band focusing more on solid traditional song structures and foundations. To top it all off, this album sees a fair share of musician guest appearances.



Black Mountain "Rollercoaster" 7

PSYCHEDELLIC/INDIE-ROCK. "rollercoaster" is the 3rd 7" from BLACK MOUNTAIN’s "wilderness heart". This song really showcases the band's trademark psych-metal sound. The b-side to this single is entitled "in the drones" and is previously unreleased. It features Webber’s haunting vocals at the forefront, accompanied by reverb-drenched picking and shadowy synth stylings underneath.



HOAX s/t

HARDCORE. Debut 7" from Western Massachusetts ruffle duffs, HOAX. Following in line with their demo, this 7" includes 4 tracks of buzz-saw guitars, bludgeoning drums and break downs that scream "kiss me on my bloody head". Quality hardcore songs and sound. Features a double-sided, fold-out poster sleeve.


Vaccine " Crimes in Blood ep (2011)"

HARDCORE. VACCINE return with 5 tracks on a nifty little 5" platter. No gimmicks or new ground broken, just more raging sxe-violence in the continuing style of their demo and "human hatred" 7".


Cyruss Hate Songs



THIS WILL DESTROY YOU " tunnel blanket"

INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. "tunnel blanket" continues to find THIS WILL DESTROY YOU delving into the world of experimental and instrumental post-rock with ambient sounds dispersed throughout their tracks, conveying a wide array of emotions also explored by bands like EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY and MOGWAI.


JESU "ascension"

AMBIENT/DRONE-ROCK. Justin Broadrick (GODFLESH etc.) and co. are back with 10 more tracks of atmospheric guitars and keyboards that create a huge structure that seems to float or glide more like a weather pattern than a piece of music. The question is always - how does he sound so light while staying so heavy?



Bernays Propaganda " My Personal Holiday"

Macedonian band BERNAYS PROPAGANDA could be shortly described as danceable newwave/post-punk band with charming female vocal. But don’t be misleaded, we are talking here about extremely political band influenced by a variety of bands, from Submission Hold over Fugazi all the way to the Gossip and Gang of Four. Firm drum beats accompanied with thick and groovy bass lines are the base upon which layers of funky and broken guitar chords are placed, and above all comes unique, strong and remarkable female voice as a cherry on the top. Were lunatic enthusiasm, bursting energy and catchy atmosphere already mentioned?(Maybe because BERNAYS PROPAGANDA is deeply rooted in d.i.y. hard core scene).



Hardcore con toques crossover y mala ostia desde Korneyà/BCN


M.N.S. "buone feste"


Stonewall demo 2011




AIDAN BAKER "only stories"

AMBIENT/ELECTRONIC. AIDAN BAKER is a musician and writer currently based in Toronto & Berlin. He performs as a solo artist & with the groups NADJA, WHISPER ROOM etc.. Classically trained in flute, he is selftaught on guitar, drums and various other instruments. "only stories" is AIDAN's 2nd release on Kora Records. The album continues in the drone-folk style. All of the sounds on the record were created by voice and 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars. AIDAN penned the 3 long compositions featured on "only stories" a long time ago,


COLD WORLD & SEAN PRICE how the gods chill

HARDCORE/HIP-HOP. This MLP features the track "how the gods chill" with COLD WORLD and hip-hop artist SEAN PRICE. It features that track plus 2 other versions and 3 remixes.


Dance or Die!!! split PFA

Dance Or Die! are a melodic Hungarian hardcore band who play a style of music similar to bands such as Comadre or Touche Amore. PFA are the second band on this split and play hardcore that is messier, thrashier with elements of grind. Definitely worth checking out. Thanks for sharing guys!


Distort Colombia

Hace algunos meses desde Montería, nació la idea de crear un compilado que reuniera algunas bandas de varias ciudades del país (Colombia) que tuvieran en común una postura en contra de la guerra desde distintas ópticas según su contexto y de alguna manera, desde su estilo musical. El pasado 23 de Abril se llevo a cabo el lanzamiento del compilado Distort Colombia.



Nada X Liberar " un grito de soledad en medio de la multitud"

Nada x Liberar come back with new material. Later the Split with the Swedishes Worst Case Scenario in '08, here compile this songs with 6 news that they couldn't release phisicaly for diverse problems and see the light like compiled discography in a digital release. They continue where they left it, in this mixture of Remains of the Day, Ekkaia, with metal elements like Catharsis or His Hero is Gone, maybe more faster.




HARDCORE. "grief" is defined as a deep poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement. In order for one to heal from the grieving process they must go through what is called "the five stages of grief" - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance. Through 17 tracks, the album channels the 5 stages of grief musically and lyrically - and they are as dark, bitter and ugly as one would expect

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