Masakari Split Tempest

Formed in Ohio in 2006, Masakari is a five-piece band from Cleveland that unleashes a devastating blend of hardcore, d-beat, and crust with their own point-blank, by-the-throat approach to these classic styles.  The band wastes no time ripping our government, corporate, and religious institutions to shreds while raising awareness for both human and animal rights amidst crushing waves of pure aural aggression.  The split features both an unreleased and a live version of "X. Pain Conceived As A Tool" from their album The Prophet Feeds.
Formed in Canada during the fall of 2007, Tempest is a five-piece band from Vancouver, British Columbia that combines elements of hardcore, crust, and post-metal into a cathartic wall of thunderous riffs and searing vocals. The band's relentless brand of dark hardcore is driven by the issues of animal rights, overpopulation, and religion to create a truly claustrophobic, exhausting, and terrifying musical experience.  The split features both a remastered and a live version of "Death Rattle" from their album Passages.
The Masakari / Tempest Benefit Split EP is now available through Replenish Records on 7" vinyl with a double-sided foldover jacket (limited to 500).  100% of the proceeds will be donated to Wiggle Butts Bully Rescue of Cleveland, Ohio and HugAbull Advocacy & Rescue Society of Vancouver, BC.  Replenish Records hopes to raise not only funds for these unbelievably compassionate organizations, but also awareness about breed specific legislation and our responsibilities as humans to our animal companions.
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