From Ashes Rise - Rejoice The End Age Of Sanity 7

The return of crust-punks From Ashes Rise has a lot of people salivating – understandable for the comeback of one of the central groups in the genre’s revival in the 1990s and 2000s, a time that saw the band alongside luminaries like His Hero is Gone and Tragedy redefine the sound. Can this split single, their first material in nine years, deliver the goods? The answer, quite frankly, is still out there.

Yes, it’s all quite melodic and rightfully carries somewhat of a celebratory air, but it might be seen as landing a little on the punk side of things and that might alienate somewhat a generation of newer heavy fans, especially those reared on the bleak, low-end-laden serration Southern Lord has specialised in gifting to the world. The A-side, Rejoice the End, is a strident romp that past all the downtuned chugging and lyrical grandeur, is quite straightforward. That said, though, it is possessed of the riff, and cheesy or not, there’s a certain drive to it befitting of a great drinking song, or similarly, a battle anthem for war-torn old punx. Rage of Sanity, on the other hand, is a heads-down punk-rock, strictly precision and built on a snarling bluesy chord progression more reminiscent of a more jovial Motorhead.

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