Epidemics " Waking up the dead"

I feel guilty for telling Rickard(Guitar) to send me this for review. I will get beaten up and hated I guess but don’t take it personally. Rickard and Emma played in Disconvenience before Epidemics a band which I dug. But Epidemics well… They just try too hard to sound punk. And it fails miserably. I like one song(the song I heard and lead me to say yes to Rickard when asking if he could send it in for review) and that is Bloodstains. The rest just bores me to death. It’s too generic. The lyrics haven nothing to say and the whole thing just left my turntable with out a trace. And I guess that’s what’s going to happen after a few months. No one will remember this. Why didn’t Epidemics try to make a 7″ instead?

And last but not the least the press release is so goodamn funny: “Waking Up The Dead” is that punk record that will get the teens to dye their hair, tag their Converse shoes, skip school and do something good with their life. You said what? Is that a joke? Who wrote this? Please tell me it was an intern who aspire to write for Vecko Revyn.


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