Flu.id " iots " 2008

Insanity seems to be disorientated as we continue into the new millennium and it is searching for a new home. While it hides within brutality throughout the rest of the world, its musical passion transpires directly into the heads and bodies of Flu.ID. Inspired by the noise and hardcore heroes of the past century, these guys put their musical work into the core of all being from the start. Rhythms get fractured like bones, songs are fragmented, beloved classics of the metal age are pulverised and over the ashes they strew a chorus of expending voices. It is not begging for a new drawer in the musical filing tray, it’s convincing by being itself - like a steamed-up version of Dillinger Escape Plan on some really good acid or something - you get the point?

Iots contains the songs of Flu.ID’s previously released 10 inches on Interstellar Records and Modus Operandi Records - completely remixed, remastered and pimped-up with some electronic interludes and bonus tracks. Iots thus can be seen as the band’s official debut album since the two 10 inches are not only completely sold out, but they also never received the blessings of a wide-ranged distribution… until now.


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