Burning Love- Rotten thing to say

For those of you who don’t know, Burning Love is the newish project from former Cursed front man Chris Colohan. The band’s first LP, Songs For Burning Lovers was a powerful if lo-fi example of the storm that was to come. Now, with the full force of Southern Lord Records behind them, Burning Love have unleashed an album that is the bastard son of hardcore, punk, metal and groove rock. With that much musical semen swimming through the veins of an album it could easily become a mess of ideas that fail in execution. Rotten Thing To Say avoids this because Colohan and his band (former members of Our Father) know the secret to any great album is the ability to write a song.
Rotten Thing To Say has a groovy intro, one that lulls you into a false sense of security. The intro comes across like an extended seventies groove rock bridge. The drums and bass keeps the head bobbin’ going while the guitars play off of thick riffage and a sweet solos. Right when you think Burning Love have decided to turn out a stoner album, the band sneaks up behind you with the crowbar of “No Love”. The song absolutely pummels you into submission but not with some tepid Mach 5 speed riff, it does it with a swing to it. The riff here is a rocker but played so dirty and so grim that it becomes an assault.

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